April 23, 2024
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Doctor Who Season 13: Boss Looking For Secret Regeneration? Release Date And More

Doctor Who Season 13

New Time Lords are often introduced before they appear in the series. But in Doctor Who Season 13, it seems quite different. However, it’s the first time the showrunner decided to keep Jodie Whittaker‘s successor under wrap. Well, it looks like the time would change, deeming the rumors about Jodie’s exit. However, the network has yet to confirm this news. But what if it happens? Then who would battle with the aliens and other threats? Let’s see!


Doctor Who follows the adventure of an ET known as the Doctor who looks like a human. The Doctor travels through the universe in a stolen time-traveling space ship named TARDIS which exterior appears as a British police box. Throughout the series, many incarnations of the Doctor occur, which prevents the evil alien forces from harming innocent people.

Doctor Who Season 13: When Production Will Begin?

Despite facing the production delay, filming for the next season begins in November 2020. However, to deal with the current filming restrictions, they followed close tracking of all crew members and allowed only limited members on the set. Now it’s expected that the upcoming season would wrap up its production sometime in August 2021.

Doctor Who Season 13: When Will Next Doctor Arrive?

Last month, shocking news emerged that Whittaker is supposedly exiting Doctor Who, and season 13 would be her final season. However, the network hasn’t confirmed this news yet. Further, a BBC spokesperson said that they don’t want to comment on any information regarding Jodie’s fate on the show. Despite any confirmation, there are plans to cast the fourteenth Doctor.

When the next Time Lord is about to appear, the show always comes up with a surprising element. Traditionally, their appearance announced in the first episode, building up a surprise for fans as the character is part of the story. But, this year, it’s quite different. Since the production has assumed to wrap up and the showrunner hasn’t revealed any details about the next Doctor Who.

Will Jo Martin Replace Jodie?

Last year on Sunday, January 20, 2020, Doctor Who dropped a massive twist. The polite tour guide Ruth Clayton (Jo Martin) appeared as the early forgotten incarnation of the Time Lord. Well, this news caused excitement amongst the fans. But, it’s unclear whether Martin’s Doctor would appear in the recent season. Speaking on her appearance, the showrunner Chris Chibnall said he has no idea.

However, the popularity she achieved was exceptional. But, whether she could make her return this time is uncertain. Considering Jodie’s exit rumors and the sudden appearance of Jo indicates that something would happen soon before Jodie’s final episode. But, at the very last moment, they added Jo’s character. So, it could mean that she might appear as our next Doctor.

Doctor Who Season 13: When It Will Release?

When the thirteenth season started its filming in November 2020, everyone supposed that the upcoming season would debut in early 2022. So, it could provide ample time for the production team to work on its post-production. However, BBC abruptly confirmed that Doctor Who Season 13 would air in late 2021. So, we can expect that it will land sometime in October or November.

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