The Society Season 2

The Society Season 2: Will Netflix Renew The Show? Know The Fate

Netflix’s young adult drama left the fans clamor for The Society Season 2 to resolve the mystery left in The Society. As the West Ham teenagers were still left trapped in their world while figuring out where everyone was gone. But will they ever continue with the second season? The Society, created by Christopher Keyser, is a mystery teen drama that debuted back in May 2019.

It follows the struggle that teenagers faced to establish their communities while the entire West Ham, Connecticut’s population suddenly disappeared. It all started when the local high school students return early as their trip was canceled. However, they soon find that everyone in the town has gone. Even they can’t contact anyone as the entire town has now surrounded by dense forest.

The Society Season 2: Is It Renewed For The Next Season?

Unfortunately, last year Netflix canceled The Society Season 2 despite the series earned positive acclamation. However, Netflix blamed the global pandemic stating that they are disappointed to cancel the show. Although the show received 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and 66% on Metacritic for its incredible performance and unique storyline.

However, the budget unexpectedly increased due to the COVID-19. Further, the huge cast was another factor behind the cancelation. The streamer faced complications in handling such a massive cast during the pandemic. But, the showrunner Christopher Keyser was optimistic about returning to the set. He added that he was mapping out everything when Netflix called the show. It is indeed quite upsetting to abruptly leave the audience hanging. But they had no choice.

Showrunner Discussed The Challenges

Keyser continued that they were dealing with the rise in the budget and COVID protocols to return to the studio. They were already dealing with Netflix and the other stuff. Keyser said that they already knew it’s quite challenging to continue with the second season. So they were finding some ways and were ongoing conversations with Netflix. However, he wasn’t surprised by this decision. As Keyser already had months of discussion on the challenges of producing such a show in this environment.

The second season was supposed to begin its filming back in summer. But, the ongoing pandemic pushed the filming schedule a little forward. However, they planned to start filming in the fall or winter. But, before it could happen, Netflix announced its decision. Now Keyser has no choice but to leave the story in the middle. However, he planned how the children would continue the journey in the second chapter. But, it’s not entirely in Chris’ control.

How Would Things Have Moved In The Society Season 2?

We saw the children trapped in an alternate reality that almost looks like their hometown, while their parents, siblings, and everyone was in the right place. However, it ended up with a huge mystery- will the teenagers ever find their way back home? The cast teased that Gordie (Jose Julian) figured out everything. They were in the parallel universe when The Society planned to return with season 2.

Even Keyser said The Society Season 2 would answer all the questions. It would be the darker season for the kids. Although they knew their situation, yet they could ever find a way to deal with it and go back home is uncertain. Further, there’s a chance that everything could reverse. But now it looks like they have to stay trapped in their parallel universe.

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