The Resident Season 4 Episode 14

The Resident Season 4 Episode 14: Past, Present, Future! Nic And Conrad Welcomes Baby Girl

The Resident Season 4 Episode 14 is the season’s finale. And in this episode, some will celebrate a new life, while a few will grieve for the lost one. Meanwhile, Devon and Bell will toss their luck to handle a difficult surgery. The Resident doctors have always been seen to save lives. Will they be able to do the same this time? Let us look into the details below.

The Resident Season 4 Episode 14: Upcoming Plot And Preview

The Resident Season 4 Episode 14 is entitled “Past, Present, Future.” Amy Holden Jones and Hayley Schore are the writers of the episode. The last episode brought Nic’s baby shower on the screen. And this one will bring the actual baby. Nic and Conrad will welcome their baby girl.

On the other hand, Raptor’s life will start to fall apart from here. Indeed, he will be seen to ask for help from Cain. Chastain is not in good financial condition. The doctors need to join hands to save the hospital. Kit Voss, the hospital’s CEO, will look out for financial help to save Chastain. Will asking for help affect her moral values?

The episode’s official synopsis reads, “The wait is over as Conrad and Nic welcome the arrival of their baby girl. Moreover, Raptor’s life begins to fall apart, and he is forced to turn to Cain for help. Meanwhile, Devin and Bell work together on a complicated surgery that may allow them to save multiple lives. Also, Kit tries to deal with the moral repercussion of financially saving Chastain.”

Will AJ Suffer The Loss Of A Family Member?

AJ’s mother will be in need of a medical emergency in The Resident Season 4 Episode 14. And AJ will bring his mother to Chastain. The doctors will do their best to save her. But will they be able to do so? AJ does know that her mother’s condition is critical, and he might lose her.

Kitt consoles Aj and says, “she might not make it off the table.” Will AJ lose the most member of his family? There is a possibility for the fans to witness a loss. AJ will grieve, recalling the last moments with her mother.

The Resident Season 4 Episode 14

On the other hand, some will celebrate life. Nic and Conrad welcome their baby girl. And the couple will be busy parenting. Nic and Conrad will live their present to the fullest and enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Kit will worry about the future of the hospital. The past, present, and future will be seen in a single episode. Let us further wait to see whether the characters be able to cope up through all or not.

The Resident Season 4 Episode 14

The Resident Season 4 Episode 14: Release Date

The Resident Season 4 Episode 14 will release on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at 8 pm ET on Fox. The finale episode will be 60 minutes long. It will conclude most of the ganging storyline of the season. Will Chastain be saved? You are soon to get many answers. Keep waiting for the episode to arrive, and stay tuned with us in this space.


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