May 27, 2024
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The Chi Season 5: Rolando Boyce Seems Optimistic To Return! Will Reflect Season 4 Finale’s Actions

The Chi Season 4

The Chi Season 4 finale has a lot to explore. But still, The Chi Season 5’s fate remains uncertain. Now the fourth season is edging closer to its end, and the characters are still trying to navigate their life from parenthood to open marriages. But now fans are wondering when and if The Chi Season 5 could return as Showtime hasn’t announced the fate of the series. So, let’s explore what Showtime has to say about the fifth season.


The Chi Season 5:Will It Get Renewed?

Showtime is yet to announce the faith of The Chi Season 5. However, when it comes to the renewal of the fifth season, the discussion typically boils down to the fourth season’s ratings. As per TV Series Finale, to date, The Chi Season 4 has a rating of 0.07 amongst 18-49 demo with a total of three million viewers. So, though there’s a decline in ratings regarding the third season, the ratings aren’t terrible.

But it’s ultimately up to the network as to when it will renew the sitcom for the fifth run. However, Showtime renewed the fourth season soon after the third season dropped its finale. Thus, we can expect that the network would announce its decision after the finale will drop on the network, deeming the last renewal announcement timing. So till then, let’s wait for the network words.

Rolando Boyce Talks About Season 5

While speaking on the season finale, Rolando, who plays Darnell, said that he’s expecting another season to unfold the mystery built in the current season. Rolando added that it seems funny as there are so many different ways to keep going. But it depends on the series creator Lena Waithe, as she loves to surprise her team and cast with an exceptional storyline. Though Rolando has no clue where the fifth season would go, he seems hopeful to return and continue growing with The Chi team.

The Chi Season 5: How Could Finale Leave The Door Open?

Although there’s time to wrap up the fourth season, yet fans can expect several strong storylines that could explore in the end. This includes a massive marital conflict between Tiff and Emmett and the consequences of Nina’s affair. Further, the outcome of Douda’s attack will explore that left Marcus’ life up in the air. However, Jake saw everything but decided to stay schtum to protect him. So he could save their relationship without telling Jemma anything.

But it seems he couldn’t keep it secret for so long and might end up telling Jemma. After the incident, Jemma promised to find out who did this to Marcus. But when she would find out, things become tenser between Jake and Jemma. However, Rolando teased that the finale will be incredible and full of surprises. So, it could be possible that each character’s fate would unfold in the fifth season.

The Chi Season 5: When To Expect?

As of now, it’s pretty hard to speculate when The Chi Season 5 would return on Showtime. However, the fifth season could release sometime in 2022. But the pandemic is still playing outside. Thus, we can expect that wait could be relatively longer. Meantime, fans can stream the next episode, The Chi Season 4 Episode 10, titled “A Raisin In The Sun,” on Sunday, August 1, at 9 pm ET only on Showtime. And stay tuned with us for more updates.

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