April 13, 2024
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On My Block Season 4: Netflix Announces Release Date! Know Plot Details & More

On My Block Season 4

The coming-of-age dramedy, highly acclaimed among the youngsters, has finally received a release date for On My Block Season 4. The gang of lively teens featuring Cesar, Manse, Ruby & Jamal will be returning for Season 4 soon. Fans have been waiting desperately for the show’s return. Moreover, last season left the fans shocked and sad by the unimaginable plot twist that the series took. Unfortunately, Season 4 will be the final part of the series and will leave the fans with something memorable to dwell on.


The fans have waited about a year and a half since the premiere of last season in 2020. Finally, Netflix announced the show’s renewal in January. The renewal news must have filled the fans with joy and excitement. The series is set in Freeridge, a fictional neighborhood in LA, depicting our loved teens navigating their journey through high school. Keep reading ahead to know all we know about the upcoming Season 4 of On My Block.

Netflix Reveals First Look Images For Season 4

Recently, the streaming giant revealed some compelling images of our favorite character. The images depict the two-year time jump and how the fan-favorite characters have evolved along the way. The new-look pictures of On My Block Season 4 released by Netflix are quite a treat for the desperate fans who have waited long enough for the show’s arrival. The latest images show the teens growing up in two years, finding their niches, and settling apart, away from the original gang.

On My Block Season 4: What Will Happen?

According to the synopsis, we see the four friends two years in the future, drifting away from the gang and living out their lives individually. Then, suddenly, the dark past that tore the group apart catches up with them when a hidden secret is unraveled. Finally, the group realizes the only way to survive is to stick together.

We are sure to see the group reunited again in the upcoming season of On My Block. Talking to A.V. Club, showrunner Lauren Lungerich said that she saw the time jump as an opportunity to add depth to her characters. In addition, the character modifications through time will help the viewers can better understand the characters.


Earlier, Lauren also shared that the viewers will get definitive answers of what happened between the friends that drifted them apart when they promised never to let anything come between their friendship. Hence, the final season will be the defining moment of the series and witness the show’s biggest mystery unearth. We can also expect some rifts and fights in On My Block Season 4 when we see the characters reunite.

Image: Netflix

Moreover, Lauren expressed that Monse would be the first one to drift apart from the group. In addition, we will see her becoming an independent person, finally embracing her potential, making the best of the opportunity to spread her wings.

On My Block Season 4: Release Date


Netflix took a whole new way of announcing the release date of On My Block Season 4. First, Netflix featured a TikTokker Keyon Elkins’ video about why season 4 took so long to be dropped. Then, the video was adjoined with Jessica Marie Garcia (Jasmine), informing about the release date for the latest season. Jessica revealed that Netflix would release Season 4 on October 4, 2021. The upcoming season of On My Block will feature ten episodes.

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