March 5, 2024
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What If Episode 6: Killmonger’s Saga To Unfold! What Next?

What If Episode 6

What If has opened new possibilities for MCU to experiment with more creative storylines. Last episode depicted the story of Thor and his stay at Midgard, Earth. Therefore, since the release of Episode 5, fans have been looking forward to What If Episode 6.


Each new episode of the show comes with a different storyline which makes it more exciting to see. Hence, it will be interesting to know about the storyline of Episode 6. So what will happen in Episode 6 of What If? Here is everything to learn about the next episode of What If.

What If Episode 6: Preview & Plotline

In the upcoming episode of What If, fans will see Eric Stevens and the people of Wakanda. Eric, more famously known as Killmonger, will be in lead. In the trailer of What if Episode 6, we notice Killmonger saving Tony Stark before the happenings of Iron Man(2008). The incident suggests that Tony might never become the spearhead of the Avengers. Moreover, the situation also raises a concern over the existence of The Avengers.

In Episode 6, we can expect to see Kilmonger and the people of Wakanda becoming the greatest defenders of the world. With the absence of Avengers, this might be the perfect opportunity for Killmonger to make a name for himself and his people. 

The latest promo of Episode 6 assures the fact that there are more realities than you can imagine. Episode 6 is set to witness the rise of Killmonger. It is exciting to see the variations the show brings us with each new episode. However, an official synopsis for Episode 6 has not been disclosed by Disney+ yet.

A Quick Recap

The previous episode brought the wrath of zombies upon the avengers. As we saw Thor landing on Earth, the Avengers were up against a Zombie apocalypse. Zombies went loose on Earth when Hank Pym brought his wife back from the Quantum Realm.

Things got interesting when some of the Avengers get infected and turn into zombies. However, the avengers retain their superpowers after turning into zombies. So, while the Earth was threatened by its own, other members of the Avengers tried to find a cure for the mysterious Zombie outbreak. Thor also joined the Avengers and fights with them against the Zombies. Episode 5 had been highly action-filled and entertaining. So, it will be thrilling to know what comes next in What If Episode 6.

Image: Disney Plus

What If Episode 6: Release Date

The newest episode of What If is due in a couple of days. What If Episode 6 will premiere at Disney Plus on September 15, 2021. Disney airs each new episode on Wednesdays. The first season of What If will feature nine episodes, each with a runtime of 30 minutes. Hence, fans will be looking forward to Killmonger’s saga depicted in the following episode. As What If always gives way to new possibilities, it will be thrilling to see what MCU offers the fans this time. So, don’t miss it.

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