April 25, 2024
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Big Mouth Season 5: New Hormone Monsters! Release Date Confirmed? More Details

Big Mouth Season 5

Fans have been curiously waiting for Big Mouth Season 5 for quite a while now. The wait has been long and frustrating since the previous season was released in December 2020. Being a fan-favorite series and already delayed, fans are expecting a lot from the show now. Although, the coming-of-age comedy has been rated a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes for its previous season. No other animated series has earned such a great fate yet. So, how great the next run of Big Mouth will be? Let’s find out-


Big Mouth has also secured several Emmy Award nominations since the show’s debut in 2017. In addition, the show has recently secured a nomination for the Outstanding Animated series. Also, Maya Rudolf recently won a second consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Character Voiceover performance for her character, Connie the Hormone Mistress. The show is set in suburban New York and revolves around teenage kids. It explores Nick Birch, Andrew Glouberman, and their friends’ experiences of puberty and their fiascos in the show. It also focuses on complex issues which are usually not discussed openly enough.


Big Mouth Season 5: What Will Happen?

Every new season of Big Mouth focuses on an emotional theme. For instance, the last season saw Nick opening up in front of his parents about being gay. At the same time, Andrew and Nick’s friends tried to overcome their fears. So, the upcoming season might focus on political views. Reportedly, the show’s writers were given research assignments on cystic acne, female friendship, revenge porn, and more exciting issues. Therefore, some of them might also come up in the upcoming season.

The show will continue to use its light humor plotline to shed light on more complex conversations about sexuality, gender, mental health, and more. For example, in the fourth season, we saw our young teens facing anxiety due to their unresolved issues. Moreover, we saw them deal with those problems and overcome their fears, ultimately releasing their stress. So, Season 5 will show the characters to be more confident and open about their mindset, which will be enthralling to see. The fans of Big Mouth are hopeful that the upcoming season will be worth the wait.

Image: Netflix

The characters have grown physically and mentally with time through the show’s journey. But with growth comes new challenges that they will face next season. As we know, new challenges give rise to unique hormonal monsters. Hence, we can expect to see some news monsters rising and haunting our favorite characters.  

Netflix Renews Big Mouth Season 6

Evidently Big Mouth has been a grand success for Netflix. Earlier in July 2019, Netflix gave Nick Kroll and his team approval for the next three seasons. So, Big Mouth Season 5 will be the second one to be released. Currently, the fifth season is under development, and we hope the show to return soon. But don’t you worry, Season 6 will be next. Not just that, fans would be rooting for more seasons of Big Mouth in the future.


Big Mouth Season 5: Release Date

Netflix releases each season of Big Mouth by the end of a year. Moreover, the last season premiered in December 2020. So, the most probable release date for Big Mouth Season 5 can be December 2021. However, Netflix might surprise the fans with a November release. Earlier, the streaming giant also renewed the show for a sixth season ahead of season 5’s premiere. However, this time, they have not revealed an official release date yet. So, stay tuned with us for more details.

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