May 24, 2024
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Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 1: Will Severide And His Men Survive? Release Date & Plot Details

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 1

NBC is set to premiere Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 1 soon. The upcoming season will deal with the aftermath of what happened during last season. Time is running out, and Truck and Rescue Squad are trapped inside a sinking boat. Season 10 will reveal the mystery ahead, and the fans will find out the fate of these men. So what will happen during the first episode of season 10? Keep reading further to find out.

Image: NBC

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 1 Precap: What Will Happen?

The premiere episode of Chicago Fire season 10 is titled “Mayday.” In the season 9 finale, the rescue squad members Kelly Severide, Joe Cruz, Harold Capp, and Tony Ferraris got stuck. The boat collapsed while trying to rescue a victim, and the whole squad got trapped as their only escape route was blocked. The situation got tenser when the oxygen tanks slowly went empty, and everyone’s life seemed in danger. As the team struggles to make out alive, Firehouse 51 will have to deal with the aftermath of the complicated boat rescue. 

The last season left the fans on a cliffhanger, questioning if the squad manages to make out alive when Chicago Fire season 10 returns. Moreover, it will be thrilling to see other members of Firehouse 51 try their best to save the lives of their buddies stuck inside a sinking boat. Further, we will also see Gallo, Ritter, and Violet focusing on doing side gigs besides working at the Firehouse. In addition, the fans might also see the chief saying goodbye to Firehouse 51. He is expected to move ahead on his journey to becoming the deputy district chief. Finally, it will be thrilling for the fans to see what happens next when the show returns for season 10 of Chicago Fire.

Image: NBC

A Quick Recap!

The season 9 finale ended up on a cliffhanger. First, we saw the squad calling for a boat rescue mission underwater. Severide, Capp, Cruz, and Ferraris try to rescue a victim when the boat collapses and blocks their only exit. The whole squad is stuck inside with a rising water level and no oxygen left in their tanks. At the shore, Stella, Casey, and Brett are on the lookout for the squad, who have been underwater for 22 minutes. On that note, the camera cut to black, leaving the audience eager to know what happens next.

Further, in the final episode, we saw Casey opening up about his feelings to Brett. First, she completely ignored Casey and doesn’t respond to his confession. But later, she accepted, “We belong together.” Also, Boden is offered the role of deputy district chief. He seemed to be considering it but did not conclude at the end of season 9. Hence, there’s a lot to catch up on when Chicago Fire Season 10 returns.

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 1: Premiere date:

Episode 1 of Chicago Fire Season 10 will premiere on September 22, 2021, at 10 p.m. ET. Further, season 10 will be available to stream on Hulu Live TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and Peacock Premium the next day. The episodes will be available to stream a day after the episode’s airing on NBC. Additionally, Chicago Fire will premiere as a part of the “One Chicago” Event on NBC. So stay tuned with the updates, and don’t miss out on the season 10 premiere episode on Wednesday.

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