May 29, 2024
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Shetland Season 6: Jimmy Perez To Encounter A Mysterious Murder! Production Updates, Release In Autumn

Shetland Season 6

The highly awaited Scottish crime drama is set to witness Jimmy Perez returning for Shetland Season 6 soon. The fans have waited two years for the sixth series since the release of the fifth edition in March 2019. Moreover, the BBC renewed Shetland for two more series in December 2019, which were set to premiere in 2020 and 2021. However, the pandemic affected the filming schedule adversely, which led to a series of delays.


Finally, the filming for the sixth season is closer to a conclusion as the lead star Douglas Henshall hints the show to return for a sixth season in Autumn 2021. So what happens next in Shetland Season 6? Here are all the details about the forthcoming season.

Shetland Season 6: Upcoming Plot Details

Image: BBC

Season 6 will follow Jimmy Perez and his team as they investigate a mysterious murder of a renowned personality on Shetland Island at his doorstep. BBC has teased that the upcoming season will be a “shocking sinister.” Also, the series will mark the return of the brutal murderer Donna Killick. The Shetland locals and Kate Kilnuir, the victim’s sister, will be terrified when Donna gets released from prison. However, things are about to get peculiar with the return of Donna as Jimmy investigates the recent murder at Shetland Island.

In the last season, Perez investigated the murder of a young Nigerian man Daniel and the kidnapping of his sister Zezi. The situation gets tricky when a severed hand washes up at the shore of Shetland Beach. In the end, Prez discovers that Alice is behind the trafficking ring in the Shetland Isles. Although Perz falls in love with Alice through the series.

However, it is revealed that Alice’s husband Chris is forced into trafficking due to bad debts. Finally, Zezi is found in a cottage in Unst, which Chris was renovating. So, Shetland season 6 is all set to bring an even more thrilling storyline soon.

Douglas Henshall Expresses His Excitement for Season 6 With A First Look Image

Douglas Henshall, who portrays Jimmy Perez in Shetland, felt terrific about the restart of filming. The crew had to wait almost two years for production to start due to the pandemic. With the post, he appreciated writer Davy Kane for creating a stunning storyline for the two upcoming seasons of Shetland. Moreover, he was also glad to return to Shetland Isles to finish filming the next two seasons. BBC has also shared the first look image of Shetland Season 6. So, hopefully, fans will see the return of Shetland real soon.

Who Will Be In The Next Season?

The main cast roaster returning for Shetland Season 6 is Douglas Henshall, Steven Robertson, Alison O’Donnel, Erin Armstrong, and Mark Bonnar. Further, Anne Kidd, Lewis Howden, and Fionna Bell will also return next season. Moreover, the new cast additions for season 6 are Anneika Rose, Maggie Kean, and Angus Miller. In addition, Jim Sturgeon, Stephen McCole, Alec Newman, Lois Chimimba, Cora Bissett, Andy Clark, Benny Young, and Shona McHugh will also join the cast.

Image: BBC

Shetland Season 6: Release Date

BBC has revealed that Shetland Season 6 is slated to premiere in Autumn 2021. However, the network is yet to announce an official release date for the sixth season

. Further, no official trailer or synopsis has been released by the network. So stay tuned for more exciting updates about your treasured shows.

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