April 14, 2024
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Boruto Episode 219: Quest to Return Home! Release Date & Plot Details

Boruto Episode 219

The title of Boruto Episode 219 is “Return.” The previous episode of the anime ended its best arc that ended on a really emotional note for the fans. They already witness the death of Kurama, and Sasuke no longer possesses Rinnegan. Momoshiki got control of Boruto’s body and stabbed Sasuke’s eye. Boruto still doesn’t know how to use transportation ninjutsu. Hence all four of them are stuck at an unknown dimension. Now, it is likely that Sasuke will help Boruto to use the transportation ninjutsu using the power of his Karma.


On the other hand, a new threat will emerge as one Inner member of the Kara organization is still alive. Code has the power of white Karma, and he worships Otsutsukis. Thus, he will certainly make a move in order to take revenge. So, will Boruto and others will be able to reach home, and when will the new episode premiere? Here are all the latest details.

Boruto Episode 219

Boruto Episode 219: Preview & Plot Details

The promo for the next episode of Boruto is out, revealing that Boruto is trying to activate his Karma to use his transportation ninjutsu. The great thing is that Naruto is finally conscious, but he doesn’t think they will reach home anytime soon. Instead, Kawaki and Boruto will likely get involved in a dispute as Kawaki tells Boruto that it is his fault that they are stuck in an unknown dimension. 

On the other hand, everyone at the Hidden Leaf village is still worrying about the sudden disappearance of Kawaki. There is also a possibility that Boruto Episode 219 will feature a brief conversation between Isshiki’s soul and Code. The latter is the only member of the Kara who has survived. After knowing about the death of Isshiki, Code will certainly make a move to take revenge on Naruto and others. 


Previous Episode Recap

Boruto Episode 218 was undoubtedly one of the best episodes of this show so far. Initially, it stunned the fans by revealing the true power of the Baryon mode. The first half was filled with action where Naruto completely dominated Isshiki in a fight and reduced his life span. Since the chakra of Naruto is connected with the prosthetic arm of Kawaki, Isshiki managed to find Kawaki’s location and transported him in the same dimension as well.

Naruto tried his best to stop Isshiki, but by the end, he ran out of energy. However, Kawaki managed to fool Isshiki right before he died using a Shadow clone Jutsu. Meanwhile, Naruto and Kurama had their final chat, where Kurama bid farewell to Naruto. This was the moment that left every single Naruto fan in tears. 

Boruto Episode 219

Boruto Episode 219: Release Date

The fans are really curious to know how Boruto and others will return back home now. It will also be interesting to see whether Code will make a move right away or waits for the right opportunity. Boruto Episode 219 is all set to release on Sunday, October 10, 2021. It will be available to watch on the anime streaming giant Crunchyroll and Funimation. 

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