May 21, 2024

One Piece Chapter 1028: Sanji to Awaken His New Power! Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1028

The title of One Piece Chapter 1028 is “Brachiojauraus.” The literal meaning of this word is “Brachio snake.” It clearly indicates that snakes will be going to play an essential role in the forthcoming chapter of One Piece. This snake will likely be none other than the Queen as she is in a middle of a fight against Sanji, and her base form is not working against him. As a result, she will move to the next resort and transforms into a monstrous snake.


The fans will see quite a lot of action in the forthcoming chapter as it will also feature how the battle between King and Zoro unfolds. Also, the battle between Luffy and Kaido is in its final stages, and it seems like the captain of the Straw Hats will finally defeat the King of the Beast Pirate. So, when will the fans get their hands on the next chapter? Here are all the latest details. 

One Piece Chapter 1028

One Piece Chapter 1028: Plot Details

The raw scans of the upcoming chapter of OP are out, and according to it, the next edition will begin the conversation between two CPO agents. These agents have two simple objectives. The first one is if Kaidou gets defeated, then they will open the gates of the world for Wanokuni and let the Land of Wano join the World government. Whereas their second objective is to capture Nico Robin. Also, only five minutes are left until Onigashima finally reaches the Capital of Flowers. 

One Piece Episode 1028 will feature Yamato going to Onigashima in her animal form in order to destroy the explosives. Then the chapter will finally feature the most-awaited battle between Sanji and Queen. However, for some reason, Sanji is quite uncomfortable with his body. Queen even manages to capture him by the end of the chapter and breaks several bones of him. But, the body of Sanji recovers on its own. It seems like Sanji awakens a new power, but he is worrying that he might become a monster. This new power of Sanji is so lethal that it breaks Queen’s sword right after it touches his body. 

One Piece Chapter 1028

Previous Chapter Recap

In the most recent chapter of One Piece, the viewers saw Momonosuke flying into the sky that even produced thunder. Yamato revealed to Momo that she had witnessed this thunder when she saw a fight between Roger and Whitebeard. Later, the chapter featured an intense battle between King and Zoro. During the battle, King went berserk and began to kill both his enemies and allies.

Zoro blocked King’s attacks and attacked him with a powerful thunderstrike that broke the mask of the King. In response, King almost threw Zoro out of the Onigashima castle, but the latter somehow managed to hold off his balance. 

One Piece Chapter 1028
Weekly Shonen Jump

One Piece Chapter 1028: Release Date

The fans of Op won’t have to wait for very long to get their hands on the next edition of the series. However, the manga series will go on a weekly break after the release of its next chapter. One Piece Chapter 1028 is all set to release on Sunday, October 10, 2021. The fans will be able to read it on Viz Media’s website and Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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