May 27, 2024
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Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 6: Rita Travels Back In Time In “1917 Patrol”! Laura Tries Convincing The Team To Hunt Sisterhood!

Doom Patrol Season 3

HBO’s American superhero is about to crank up the levels of excitement with the return of Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 6. So far, we have seen Laura traveling through time in search of Caulder. However, she suffers from amnesia and forgets her real motive to travel in time. Next, Laura finds Caulder dead and assigns the Doom Patrol to wipe off the Sisterhood of Dada.


However, things did not turn out as she would have liked, and the team refused to help her in the fifth episode. Also, one of the team members was set on fixing Laura’s time machine and used it to travel back in time to 1917. So what happens next in the sixth episode of Doom patrol Season 3? Here is everything to learn about the next episode.

Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 6 Preview: What Will Happen?

The sixth episode titled “1917 Patrol” will kick off with Rita getting her hands on the time machine. Further, HBO has also released the promo video of the next episode of Doom patrol Season 3. The promo teases that the team will go on a journey not constrained by time and memory. The upcoming adventure is about to test the team’s mental strength for courage and conviction. Next, we see Laura telling the group that Rita has stolen her time machine. Further, Rita enters into 1917 as she comes out of the time machine and is greeted by an old lady. 

The team is about to have a big question of their existence, fate, and the reason behind being where they are currently. With each moment extremely important, Laura will have to convince the team to go back to hunting for the Sisterhood. Moreover, we are about to see something big unravel in 1917, as we can expect the team to look for Rita in the sixth episode of Doom Patrol Season 3. In addition, the upcoming episode is expected to build up to the grand finale of season 3.

Image: HBO

A Quick Recap!

In the last episode of Doom Patrol Season 3, Laura realized that her purpose of time-travel was to kill the Sisterhood of Dada. Further, she assigned the Doom Patrol to locate the group of superpowered beings who had escaped from the Ant Farm. Larry, Jane, and Vic go out to discover the Sisterhood, while Rita and Laura stay back at the manor and discuss Rita’s appearance in a film reel. Meanwhile, the team comes across the Sisterhood members who try to manipulate them psychologically. 

At the same time, Larry discovers Paul, who utters only random words with no real meaning. Further, the team returned to the manor, refusing to help Laura defeat the Sisterhood. Moreover, Rita tried to fix Laura’s time machine to prove her wrong and also used it. At the same time, Larry’s glowing blue tumor mutates and moves freely in his body. In addition, Rita is about to enter a new timeline in the sixth episode of Doom Patrol Season 3.

Image: HBO

Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 6: Premiere Date

The sixth episode of Doom Patrol Season 3 will premiere on October 14, 2021, on HBO Max. the latest episode will drop out at 3:00 a.m. ET. The next episode of season 3 will be the penultimate episode. So, a lot is about to build up. Each new episode airs weekly on Thursdays at HBO Max. Further, the show is also available to view on HBO’s streaming service. Thus, be prepared for an exciting episode of Doom Patrol, and don’t miss out on the upcoming updates of your favorite shows.

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