May 25, 2024
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Dr. Stone Chapter 215: Quest To Locate Why-Man Begins! Release Date & Plot

Dr. Stone Chapter 215

Dr. Stone Chapter 215 will begin Senku’s quest to locate Why-Man. Not only that, but he also needs to find out who planned the activation in the previous chapter. The main focus of Senku is to track the location of Why-Man and find out his real identity. As a result, he will begin to build a satellite of his own. The great thing is that he already got everything he needs to make a satellite.


However, they will likely struggle to send their satellite into the geosynchronous orbit around the Earth. The Medusa incident made Senku realize he still has a long way to go. But now, he is more determined than ever to complete the mission moon. So, what events will take place in the new chapter, and when will it come out? Here are all the latest details. 

Dr. Stone Chapter 215
Credit: Viz Media

Dr. Stone Chapter 215: Plot Details

In the next chapter of the Dr. Stone manga series, the fans will see Senku making solar panels in order to generate solar power. Since both Xeno and Senku are geniuses, they will easily complete this task. After making solar panels, they will be able to make launch pads for their rocket as well. They will do some final touches in the rocket to test it, but it will not fly. 

Dr. Stone Chapter 215 will feature Xeno and Senku rebuilding the rocket. However, the rocket won’t take off even after several rebuilds. Eventually, the rocket will explode. Senku and Xeno will try their best in order to improve it. Meanwhile, Yo-kun will watch them from a far distance. The construction process will likely end in the upcoming chapter, and the testing will begin.

Dr. Stone Chapter 215

Previous Chapter Recap

In the 214th chapter of the manga, the viewers see Gen and others transforming into stone statues. Chromes used the revival fluid in order to revive all of them. This incident filled Senku with a lot of questions, and he asked Gen everything about it. Gen revealed to Senku that click, flash, and the sound of glass crack caused the explosion. The most suspicious thing about this incident was that no one was around to activate the device. 

Kohaku was way too suspicious about the incident, and he suggested that they should bring the fight to Why-Man as soon as possible. Chrome reminded everyone about the rocket, and he said that they should take a shortcut. Suika wondered about the size of the moon, and Kohaku was a bit surprised and stated that it looks quite small when they look at it from here. By the end of the chapter, Senku and his crew were talking about how they would handle Medusa. 

Dr. Stone Chapter 215
Credit: Viz Media

Dr. Stone Chapter 215: Release Date

The sci-fi manga series has become more interesting than ever, and the fans are quite excited to see Senku and his friends on the moon. They’re also very curious to learn about the identity of Why-Man. Dr. Stone Chapter 215 is all set to release on Sunday, October 24, 2021. The fans can read the new chapters of this sci-fi manga on Viz Media. 

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