April 12, 2024
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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9: Lagina Brothers Will Unearth A Precious Metal! Release Date Out!

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9

After straining our brain for when The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9 will undergo production, the network has finally unveiled its release date. The reality TV show has gained massive popularity for its unconventional approach to locating the legendary hidden treasure. Well, throughout the series, the Lagina brothers had been tumbling from one theory to another. But the recent discovery might take them to their final destination. So, can they find this legendary treasure? Let’s see!


The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9: How Things Will Unfold?

The series has already dropped its special episode in October, hinting at the Top Ten Signs of Buried Treasure. Well, it means the Lagina brothers and crew are inching closer to resolving the centuries-old mystery. But, on the other hand, the remaining episodes of the ninth season will delve deeper into the mystery of Oak Island. The first episode, titled “Hold On To Your Seat,” will focus on the scientific evidence they gathered earlier.

Meanwhile, the second episode, titled “Going For The Gold,” will focus on the action. After connecting the dots in the first episode, they will now convince to continue with extensive digs. But this time, the crew will excavate for the fabled Chappell Vault. They may find some metals like silver on their way like they uncovered the Lead Cross in the fifth season. But, as of now, the team have scientific evidence to prove their theory right- the massive treasure is hidden somewhere near the Money Pit.

Gary Drayton Talks About The Lore

Before the renewal of the ninth season, Gary Drayton stated that there is some lore about Oak Island. He added that you might hear about some stories that seem connected to each other that will appear as a game-changer. Now that’s what they are doing. They have to consider those legendary objects they found this year (season 8). Further, he added that this season was a bit special for them as they almost reached their destination. Meanwhile, The History Channel’s spokesperson says that after 224 years, the legendary mystery will finally resolve.

Who Could Be In The Crew This Time?

Deeming the last season finale, fans can expect many familiar faces in the ninth run. No doubt, the Lagina brothers- Rick and Marty Lagina will return. Well, Rick’s passion for the treasure haunt started when he was just 11, while Marty provided the essential financial support. Joining them will be Marty’s son Alex Lagina and Dave Blankenship (the permanent resident of Oak Island). In addition, Dr. Ian Spooner (wetland geologist), Craig Tester (Marty’s business associate), and Gary Drayton (metal detector expert) will join as well.

Further, Jack Begley, Dan Henskee, Charles Barkhouse, Peter Fornetti, and David Fornetti will also join. William Castedo will join Paul Troutman, Dough Crowell, and Billy Gerhardt. Further, Terry Matheson will return with Laird Niven and Steve Guptil. Besides, Tony Sampson, Dr. Christa Brosseau, and Mike Jardine might join.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9: Premiere Date!

Only a week left to dig deeper into the mystery of the ancient hidden treasure. The Curse Of Oak Island will air on November 2, at 9 pm ET only on History Channel. However, the series will drop a special episode on November 1, 2021. In that, the experts from the last season will discuss the scientific evidence they found during excavation. So, don’t miss the action.

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