May 30, 2024
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One Piece Chapter 1030: Kidd & Law To Use Their Special Abilities! Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1030

The title of One Piece Chapter 1030 is “Echoes the impermanence of all things.” The upcoming chapter of OP will advance the war to its next stage. Both sides are desperate to win this hard-fought war now. Recently, Sanji awakened a new power, and now Kidd and Law, who is in the middle of the battle with Big Mom, finally reveal their special powers. They have saved these moves as their last resort. But now they realize that if they have to beat Big Mom, then they must go all out in the battle.


On the other hand, Orochi and Kanjuroo are still willing to destroy everything to show everyone the real power of the Kurozumi clan. It seems like fans won’t get an update on the battle between Luffy and Kaido in the next chapter. Despite that, a lot of interesting things will happen that will amaze the readers. So, when will the 1030th chapter of OP come out? Here are all the latest details.

One Piece Chapter 1030

One Piece Chapter 1030: Plot Details

The next chapter of OP will open with Apoo and Drake having a conversation about the formation of an alliance. Apoo will offer Drake to join forces with him. However, in the room, Apoo and Drake are not alone. Number 1, 2, and 3 are present with them as well. All three of them look intimidating and stronger than all the previous numbers. Apoo will try to convince Drake by saying both of them are not worthy of anyone’s trust, but he’s offering him because both of them will be able to make a profit from it. 

On the other hand, Usopp will notice the lower half of Kinemon’s body. He will prove to him that he is an ally, and then Kinemon will reveal to him that he has been cut in half. After hearing this, Usopp will decide to help Kinemon. Later, One Piece Chapter 1030 will feature both of them reaching the area where Kinemon actually is. At the same place, the fans will also see Kanjuroo, who is lying on the ground, and Kiku, who is badly injured. Kinemon will get stunned after seeing the upper half of his body. He will be in shock to see him alive despite being in two pieces. 

Suddenly all of them will hear a voice that will be of none other than Orochi. He calls for Kanjuroo, and the latter tells him that he is still alive but is on his last breath. Orochi will congratulate Kanjuroo for his brilliant play and then tell him to perform one last act. He will order him to pain to grudge of the Kurozomi clan, and Kanjuroo will draw a giant fire monster. He is engulfed in flames and will destroy and burn everything that comes in his path. 

The final moments of One Piece Chapter 1030 will feature Kidd and Law’s battle with Big Mom. They will finally decide to use their special moves. Law can hurt Big Mom from inside of her with the help of special ability. He will create a huge shockwave inside Big Mom’s body, and she will scream in pain while blood comes out of her mouth. Kidd will also use his special ability and turn Big Mom into a magnet. As a result, Big Mom will attract the metals towards her. In the ending moments, the readers will see the collapse of the building because they lose their metal structures. 

One Piece Chapter 1030: Release Date

One Piece is certainly a legendary manga series, and its plot is only getting better with every single chapter. The next one will come with a lot of exciting moments and surprises. One Piece Chapter 1030 will release on Sunday, October 31, 2021. It will be available to read on Viz Media’s official website. 

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