May 27, 2024
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Squid Game Season 2: Will It Answer Every Loose End? What Will Possibly Happen Next?

Squid Game Season 2

Squid Game has become one of the top shows on Netflix and created massive hype around the internet. With its cryptic finale, fans have been eager to know what Squid Game Season 2 will explore. Well, Squid Game is the first survival K-drama that garnered immense popularity worldwide. But the creator and director Hwang Dong-hyuk stated that season 2 wouldn’t return in the immediate future. However, he might go back and jot some ideas after finishing his current projects.


The survival drama series follows 456 desperate people who are highly indebted and participated in a deadly game to win the grand prize. Amongst them is Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), a divorced father, who participates in the death game. The participants were forced to wear green tracksuits and were under watch while the masked guards wore pink tracksuits. After winning the price, the red-haired Seong Gi-hun appeared to relocate. But the finale left fans to speculate what season 2 can bring in the store. So, let’s see!

Squid Game Season 2: Seong Gi-hun Will Return As Worker

If we look closer, the series follows colors that signify chief elements in the show. The Salesman’s blue and red ddakji hints at the upcoming game’s players and workers. However, it remains unclear who will return. But Seong Gi-hun’s red-dyed hair in the finale gave out a major clue. Well, in the previous season, he selected the blue tile and became a player of this game. But now, his red hair hints that he might return as one of the workers of Squid Game.

It further emphasizes that Il-nam’s death perhaps ensures that the game’s organizers won’t let Seong go away with billions. We last saw Seong at the airport trying to relocate, but he gets a glimpse of someone from the game. That later made him stay. So there’s a possibility he would infiltrate into the game not as a player but as the guard to hunt down the main mastermind of these deathly games.

Jun-Ho Will Join Gi-Hun

In the eighth episode, the police officer Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) seeks to escape from the game after finding enough evidence to thwart the Squid Game. However, he failed in his escape plan and was confronted atop the cliff by The Front Man. Later, The Front Man reveals himself to be Jun-ho’s missing brother, In-ho. But out of brotherly bond, he shoots Jun-ho in the shoulder, and Jun-ho falls in the sea.

However, nobody saw him dead. Thus it raises questions that perhaps he’s alive and saved by someone. So there’s a possibility that he would team up with Seong to destroy the game in the future. Well, it makes sense, though, as both share the same goal and have seen this menace closely. That further motivates them to make a bold move. But can they together do this? Will Jun-ho also return as the worker of the game?

Will Kang Sae-Byeok’s Brother Join The Game?

In the finale, Seong fulfilled his promise with Kang Sae-byeok and Cho Sang-woo. He left Sae-byeok’s younger brother Kang Cheol in Sang-woo’s mother’s care. Even he gave Sang-woo’s mother a handful of money to raise the child, who still believes her son will return one day.

Although Seong fulfilled his promise as Cheol is now in good care. But what happens when he grows up and asks Seong about his elder sister and the Squid Game. When Cheol learns about the game, he might be inclined to win the grand prize, which will be enough for him and his family to live happily and escape.

Might Explore New Culture And Their Games

In the closing moment, one of the VIPs from different countries accepted that Squid Game in Korea is the best amongst those in other countries. So it signifies that this game also happens across the world. Well, if the organization and the VIPs can afford to give the winner ₩45.6 billion grand prizes. So, they can be able to spend money on other games too. Thus deeming this possibility, we can expect the second season to explore the other counties’ games.

Might Delve Into The Game’s Backstory

Well, as we know, Jun-ho is on a mission to end this menace once and for all. Thus to do it, he makes his way through The Front Man’s shrine and learns about some crucial files apart from his long-lost brother’s details. However, he finds the files of people who enter this game in the 90s and deeming the room size. It seems the game has a deep and dark history. Thus the second season could answer the mysterious question left in the first season. Further, it could also feature some trendy games from the 90s.

Squid Game Season 2 Will Show In-Ho’s Story

There’s a slight possibility that Squid Game Season 2 will explore the backstory of the game and The Front Man- Jun-ho’s missing brother In-ho. While ransacking the evidence against the game, Jun-ho discovers that his missing brother not only participated in the game but won it and later became The Front Man. But he has no clue how this happened.

So, probably this could answer in the upcoming season. Considering In-ho won the game and joined as The Front Man, our theory is that Seong will infiltrate as a worker seems to pull off in the second season.

Would Explore Il-Nam Story

As we mentioned above, Squid Game Season 2 might explore the backstory of the show. It might take the viewers in the 90s era where the organization was first established, and Il-nam, who founded the games, could return as the young billionaire. It could also reveal the deep roots of the game and the first VIP who funded it. Further, the second season could also show how they ended up on the island and how many deaths have occurred there.

It could also be possible that the second season might explore both the present day and past in some number of flashbacks. As we know, Seong would return to thwart this game. Thus, it could be possible that Jun-ho’s investigation would take them in the past, which will further help in strengthening them. Even fans can expect some darker stories to pull off when the pair start their investigation.

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