April 12, 2024
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New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 7: Max And Bloom Handle A Peculiar Ambulance Accident! What’s Next?

New Amsterdam Season 4

Dr. Max And Dr. Sharpe will witness a strange accident out of the hospital in New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 7. An ambulance crash with a police vehicle might not turn out to be as simple as it looks. It looks like some exciting turn of events is about to happen in the upcoming episode.


In the last episode, the show dealt with some differences between Max and Helen. Dr. Wilder’s patient turned out to be Dr. Helen’s boyfriend. And he gave Max a peek at the other side of Helen’s personality. So, continue reading ahead to find out details about New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 7.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 7 Preview: What Will Happen?

NBC has dropped the official synopsis and a promo for the upcoming episode titled “Harmony.” In the seventh episode, Max and Bloom will find themselves confused when a deadly ambulance crash turns out to be something more dangerous and deceptive. In the promo of New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 7, Max and Helen are talking out of the hospital. That’s when they see a high-speeding Ambulance bashing straight into a police vehicle. While investigating the incident, they found that the patient present in the ambulance did not even need it. Moreover, Fuentes will assign Dr. Iggy to supervise the patients who might not need her assistance. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Helen will come to a realization that her cost-cutting techniques have resulted in affecting her department adversely. Moreover, Reynolds Malvo and Baptiste will find some common ground in New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 7. They will handle a case that will allow them to understand each other better.

Image: NBC

A Quick Recap!

The sixth episode proved to be testing for Max and Helen’s relationship. Dr. Wilder was attending a patient who turned out to be Dr. Helen’s ex-boyfriend, Guillaume. The patient was suffering from stage 3 pancreatic cancer. Max assisted Dr. Wilder in performing a risky 20-hour long surgery on Guillaume. Dr. Wilder was happy with Max’s performance and offered him Dr. Helen’s job. Max was also surprised to see that Helen dated an outgoing guy like Guillaume, who seemed to be the opposite of Max. However, towards the end of New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 6, Max took Helen to the bridge and confessed his love to Helen. The same bridge where Helen went with Guillaume and liked to paint.

Meanwhile, Bloom ran into his patient Bob and his caretaker Kit. She mistook them to be a couple. The duo was having trouble managing the needs of each other. So, Bloom suggested an assisted living facility. But, they wanted to live together. So, Bloom helped them find a caregiver. Elsewhere, Dr. Iggy handled two patients who needed couple’s therapy in Episode 6.

Image: NBC

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 7: Premiere Date

The seventh episode of New Amsterdam Season 4 will air on November 2, 2021. NBC airs each new episode at 10:00 p.m. weekly on Tuesdays, with an average runtime of 45 minutes. Moreover, viewers can stream the latest episodes on the network’s official website, Fubo TV, Hulu TV, and YouTube TV. So prepare yourself for another entertaining part of season 4 and keep returning fr more updates.

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