Tiger King Season 2

Tiger King Season 2: Carole Baskin Sues Production House And Netflix Over Her Footage! Will Release Postpone?

Carole Baskin, the animal activist who starred in the first season of Netflix’s Tiger King, has sued the streaming giant for using her unapproved footage in Tiger King Season 2. Netflix docuseries Tiger King took the streaming world by storm by introducing the intense feud between Joe Exotic and Carole that later became an immediate success. However, the series star Carole refused to return for the second run amid the dispute between the cinematographer and her.

Revolving around eccentric Joe and his group of friends, employees, collectors, foes, and fellow conspiracies. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness explore the big cat breeding business’ complicated world. It features the feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin and how their rivalry leads to the murder plot. Following the series, Carole and Joe have become household names, and everyone wants to know what will happen next. After the first season, major controversies surfaced and now let’s see how things will play out.

Tiger King Season 2: Carole Baskin Filed Against Netflix

As per Variety, Carole has sued Netflix for using her unauthorized footage in the second run. The news came soon after the streaming giant released the teaser trailer and official release date of the second run. As per the reports, Carole and her husband Howard filed a lawsuit in Florida federal court against the production company Royal Goode Productions and Netflix for using her footage in season 2.

As for Carole, she and her husband only signed the contract to appear in the first season. But Netflix and the production company have used some of her unseen footage, which is a breach of contract. So for redemption, Carole and Howard are demanding to remove all of their footage and any promotional materials from the Tiger King Season 2. Furthermore, Carole stated in the lawsuit that during the filming of the docuseries, they led her astray regarding the show’s premise.

Carole Alleges That Production House Mislead Her

According to the lawsuit, Carole claimed that she was misled in the first season. They described the series to her to revolve around the big cat breeding business. Even cub petting trade related to the documentary feature film, titled “Blackfish,” instead of centering on Joe Exotic. Further, Carole and Howard are requesting the court intervene on November 16, a day before the second season will drop on the streaming giant.

Carole has been blunt about her disdain and distrust with the creative team of the docuseries. She feels that they astray her in the first season. According to Carole, her voice wasn’t heard clearly. Thus, she made it clear by filing a lawsuit against Netflix. She doesn’t want to be a part of Tiger King’s future installments. So, for now, it remains unclear how things will move in the second season.

Tiger King Season 2: Is Release Date Confirmed?


Just a few weeks ago, Netflix unveiled the official trailer of Tiger King Season 2. It also featured the official air date of the second run. It will air on November 17, a day after the lawsuit date on Netflix. Till now, there’s no change in the air date of the second run. Hope it won’t change in the immediate future too. So mark the date and don’t miss it.

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