May 26, 2024
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Dexter Season 9 Episode 1: Bay Harbor Killer Returning To Change His Past With A New Version! What’s Next?

Dexter Season 9 Episode 9

Showtime will finally release the highly acclaimed suspense thriller with Dexter Season 9 Episode 1 after eight long years. The upcoming season will depict a slightly dysfunctional and less disciplined version of our Bay Harbor Butcher. The premiere episode of season 9 will see the return of Dexter to Miami after ten long years, as he plans to rewrite his fate one last time.


After his sister Debra’s death, Dexter was disheartened and staged his death before leaving Miami. So, what will Dexter do when he returns? Continue reading to know all the details about the upcoming episode.

Dexter Season 9 Episode 1 Precap: What Will Happen?

The premiere episode of Dexter Season 9 will pick up a decade after Dexter left Miami after faking his death. He is living in the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York under the adopted name, James Lindsay. He works as a shopkeeper and has learned to control his urge to kill. His dark passenger Harry is long gone as he no longer needs to kill. Also, Dexter has made some new friends in the town and seems to be romantically involved with Chief Bishop. However, the presence of another murderer in the town makes Dexter return to his old ways.

Moreover, Harry has been replaced by Debra as his dark passenger. Thus, Dexter Season 9 will see a darker and more reckless version of him, as he creates havoc in the town of Iron Lake. It wouldn’t be long before he returns to Miami to amend the broken past that he left behind a decade ago. Thus, the premiere episode will be a treat to watch for the epic serial-killer show lovers.

Image: Showtime

A Quick Recap!

The eighth season finale aired way back in 2013. In the last episode, Dexter was in disdain after he became a victim of the Brain Surgeon. Dexter blamed himself for his sister’s death and brutally murdered her killer. After that, he tried to leave for Argentina. He also abandoned his wife Hannah and son Harrison. However, Detective Jacob Elway prevented him from escaping the country. So he faked his death by getting caught in Hurricane Laura.

Meanwhile, he moved to Oregon and started working as a lumberjack. Dexter learned to control his urge to kill over a decade. However, he is returning in Dexter Season 9 with Debra as his Dark Passenger to unleash the beast once again.

Image: Showtime

Dexter Season 9 Episode 1: Premiere Date

The first episode of Dexter Season 9 will air on November 7, 2021. The ninth installment will be the final season of the series. Moreover, Showtime will air each new episode weekly on Sundays at 10:00 p.m. GMT. So don’t miss the newest episode of season 9 and keep returning for more thrilling news.

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