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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1: Who Is Responsible For The Planned Attack? Will Duttons Survive?

The Duttons will find themselves struggling to hang on to life in Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1. The attack on three key members John, Jamie, and Beth was a direct threat to the family’s foundation in an attempt to get hold of their ranches.

However, it seems like the family will survive to fight another day in the premiere episode. Moreover, the Duttons will track down their assailants and get payback. So, keep reading to know all the details about the first episode of Yellowstone Season 4.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1 Preview: What Will Happen?

The fate of the Dutton family will be revealed in the premiere episode titled “Half The Money.” The premiere of Yellowstone Season 4 will comprise of two parts, followed by the second episode titled “Phantom Pain.” Obviously, the Dutton family is expected to survive the planned assassinations against them. It seems like someone will find John while Jamie will escape from the gunmen. But the bomb attack on Beth was more futile and could result in the death of a Dutton. Moreover, other members of the family are also bound to be targeted during the premiere.

Meanwhile, the Duttons will try to find out the person responsible for the attacks on their family. During these vulnerable times, they will have to stick together and fight against whatever comes their way. Also, the upcoming episodes will take an immoral approach, where men are bound to kill other men to get ahead in the rat race for wealth and power. Thus, Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1 could see a lot more bloodshed and chaos.

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A Quick Recap!

The Dutton family found themselves in a spot of bother in the tenth episode of season 3. All-out war was unleashed on them, targeting the three crucial members of the family. Earlier, Jamie met his biological father and realized certain bitter truths about life, which changed his perspective. Meanwhile, Mia confronted Jimmy about his brand and challenged him to rodeo.

Then Angel Thunder criticized Rainwater and stated that land must be taken by force if required. In the end, John was shot by a group of men in the middle of nowhere. Also, Beth received a bag with a bomb, which exploded in her office. And, Jamie was also attacked by gunmen, who opened fire at him. However, he hid behind a table and fought back. The final episode of Yellowstone Season 3 left the Dutton family’s lives hanging by a thin thread of hope.

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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1: Premiere Date

The premiere episode of Yellowstone Season 4 will air on November 7, 2021. After that, Paramount will release each new episode weekly at 8:00 p.m. ET, with an average runtime of 45 minutes. Not just that, the first episode will be followed by the second one on the same day.

The latest episodes will be available to watch on the network’s website, Paramount Network app, Sling TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Xfinity, Philo TV, and Hulu+Live. So don’t miss the two-episode premiere of the fourth season and return for more exciting news about your favorite TV shows.


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