Mindhunter Season 3

Mindhunter Season 3: In Early Development Stage? Know Release Date & Everything

After a two-year-long hiatus, fans and the Academy Award-winning filmmaker Asif Kapadia urging Netflix to renew Mindhunter Season 3. Asif believes that only fans can help them return with powerful and more violent stories of serial killers. At the same time, the boss and EP David Fincher hope to revisit the show in the future. That further makes fans impatient, calling out Netflix for answers.

Created by Joe Penhall, the show center on FBI agents Bill Tench and Holden Ford interviews the imprisoned killers along with psychologist Wendy Carr. Shortly after its debut, the series gained immense popularity and success. In no time, the show gained several noms, including Primetime Emmy Award for its cinematography. But, despite this huge success, the show’s fate remains up in the air. Now let’s see when the show could return.

Will It Ever Happen?

Back in January 2020, Netflix confirmed that they are interested in bringing more such works. Yet, Fincher’s busy schedule put the show on a halt. But, a few weeks ago, when Netflix teased that Fincher would bring his new project. Many fans began guessing that probably Fincher would have returned with season 3. But, Netflix later disclosed that Fincher’s new docuseries, Voir is ready to stream on the platform.

Shortly it grabbed many fans’ attention. As they turned to Netflix’s official page to show their discontent. At the same time, Asif Kapadia, who directed some of the first season’s episodes, reacted to this cryptic news. He asked fans to make some noise in his tweet. Asif asked the show’s fans if they were really interested in the show, then it’s better to speak up. He also tagged Fincher in his tweet. Netflix is also looking forward to the third season. But Fincher’s busy schedule affects the third season.

Mindhunter Season 3: Might Return Sooner Than Expected

Several sources claimed that David Fincher had been discussing the third run with Netflix a few months ago. Small Screen reported that Fincher and Netflix were on talk about the possibilities of the third run. Though it’s pretty early, yet Fincher sounds upbeat about the project. But, two months have already passed. Now neither Netflix nor Fincher disclosed any news about the third run. But as per the reports, season 3 is currently in the early stage of making. So hopefully, the show will return soon.

Mindhunter Season 3: What Will Happen If It Returns?

Well, there’s no doubt the show will definitely return with the third run. But, fans can expect an intense season this time. The first two seasons dealt with Agent Ford and Tench’s struggle to make the behavioral science unit an official field. That later gained acceptance in the second run. While they govern several different interviews, a subplot yet connected the two seasons. Dennis Radar, the BTK killer, was caught in 2005 linked the two seasons. Even EP cited last year that season 3 will witness BTK arrest.

Fincher And The Writers Already Planned Season 3

Despite the show being on a long halt yet Fincher and the writers have already mapped the third season. Last year, Fincher confirmed that the series would run till the late 90s or early 2000s. Knowing that BTK was caught in 2005, we can expect this plot to pull off in the third run. So fans can relax now, at least till Netflix and Fincher return with some spicy news.


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