April 22, 2024
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Warrior Nun Season 2: It’s A Wrap! More Secrets For Ava In Next Season, Know Release Date

Warrior Nun Season 2

Netflix’s original fantasy series Warrior Nun is edging closer to its premiere. Recently the series showrunner teased that production of Warrior Nun Season 2 is near to completion. However, fans have to be patient as the chances of season 2 to air this year are pretty thin.


Created by Simon Barry, the series revolves around a 19-year-old teenager who gets a second chance to relive her life as a Warrior Nun. However, because of her sacred powers, the powerful forces of heaven and hell are trying to find a way to control her. Can they? Let’s see!  

Within a month after the first season hit, the streaming giant Netflix renewed Warrior Nun for the second season. The first season gained a favorable rating of 68% on Rotten Tomatoes and 62 out of 100 on Metacritic. Despite some critics stating that the series leans too much on mythology, many called it a fun ride. Further, the series has been highly acclaimed for its cinematography and choreography. Additionally, within 30 days, the series became the third biggest TV show on Netflix. 

Even the show topped July 2020 chart and became the most-watched series on the streaming platform. In the United States, the show ranked at the sixth position, while in the United Kingdom, it ranked fourth. However, the show shortly raised to second position in the first weekend in the US, beating the highly-acclaimed series Unsolved Mysteries. Meanwhile, in countries like New Zealand, Netherlands, and Brazil, it topped the first position. 

Showrunner Already Mapped Season 2  

The fantasy series writers lately teased that they had already mapped the second season. Simon Barry, who serves as the series showrunner, said in an interview that when they were filming the first season, they had plenty of plots to delve in. So they created folders for them and hoped if they return for season 2 they know what to play out.

Simon also confirmed that the creative team regrouped to discuss what to explore in the next run shortly after the first season concluded. Moreover, after its renewal, the series cast and crew confirmed that season 2 is officially happening through a virtual call. 

New Cast Joins The Next Run

As per the recent announcement in October 2021, three new members have joined the team. Game Of Thrones alum Meena Rayann has joined the second season as Yasmine Amunet, a Coptic Nun who is a scholar as well as a journalist. Then Vikings: Valhalla star Jack Mullarkey will play Miguel, an enigmatic activist yet a keeper of secrets who knows about Ava’s mission. Besides them, Fantastic Beasts alum Richard Clothier will play Cardinal William Foster, who has command at the Vatican. Also, Nico Conde will join them as Hans and Ella Kweku. Meanwhile, the rest of the first season cast will return.

Warrior Nun Season 2: Production Details

In June 2021, Simon shared several pictures of location scouting in Spain, teasing that the second season is in its pre-production state. Well, the writers already mentioned that they mapped the second season ahead of its renewal. Thus, it didn’t take much time for the cast and crew to begin filming. David Hayter, the series director, later tweeted that he was in Spain from May 2021 (for six months). 

Filming reportedly began on July 26, 2021, where Simon shared a picture of the cast near the river bank. On August 30, David shared a foggy yet beautiful scenery of the garden of good and evil. Just like the first season, it won’t take much time to wrap the production. As for filming, Simon confirmed that the main unit wrapped up filming on November 3 while the second unit still remains to film. But most of the second season filming has already been wrapped up.   

What Will Happen Next?

While the first run explored the return of Adrial that later caused several problems in Order and Ava’s life. So, the next run will likely see Ava joining forces with Order to fight back with Adrial. Since the beginning of the show, the demon was slyly attacking. Now in the second run, he will finally reveal himself to the world. But, Ava and Order aren’t alone as the forces of heaven may go down to help Order. Meanwhile, Ava’s power and skill as the Warrior Nun will grow. 

With her skills, she can combat alone with Adriel and his evil powers. But, the existence of The Order was built on a lie. Now it’s up to Ava and her sisters how they will deal with it. Meanwhile, Simon revealed that they held back several secrets in the first season, which they will reveal now. Further, Simon confirmed that the second season would explore the relation between Adrial and Father Vincent and how it will change Ava and her sisters’ perspectives. 

Warrior Nun Season 2: When Will It Release?

Filming just wrapped up this month. Thus, there’s still time left to binge the second run. However, the first season started filming on March 11, 2019 and wrapped up on July 5, 2019. Yet, it took a year to return on our screen. Thus, deeming that the series takes almost a year to finish its post-production work, we expect Warrior Nun Season 2 to air sometime by the end of 2022.         

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