February 26, 2024
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Succession Season 3 Episode 5: Randell To Make A Move On His Father, Logan’s Health Continues To Degrade! Know Release Date

Succession Season 4 Episode 9

It looks like Logan will face a massive attack on his leadership in Succession Season 3 Episode 5. Rendall is planning to take down his father with Stewy in the next episode. Moreover, the annual meeting might result in Logan losing the company’s control. Logan will also receive a call from an influential entity in the upcoming episode. Hence, what will be Logan’s move in the fifth episode? Keep reading to find out.


Succession Season 3 Episode 5 Preview: What Will Happen?

The Real Annual Meeting will be staged in the fifth episode titled “Retired Janitors of Idaho.” Kendall and the Waystar team will join hands during the annual shareholder’s meeting. Unfortunately, it seems like Logan’s health will continue to degrade in the next episode. He is losing the company’s control and is stressed about the future.  

Meanwhile, Rendall is planning a big move against his father with Steve Hosseini. Logan will request to meet Hosseini in the next episode. But Shiv seems concerned about losing the company in the promo if voting happens at the annual meeting. Moreover, a crisis will lead the President to call Logan in the fifth episode of Succession Season 3.

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A Quick Recap!

The fourth episode of Succession Season 3 saw the company under strict scrutiny by the FBI after the raid. Logan was frustrated by the raid and asked Shiv to order ATN into covering the White House with a more critical approach. He planned to pressure the President into letting his company off the hook. Shiv also forced anchor Mark Ravenhead to change his stand on his editorial.

During the incident, Shiv realized that she doesn’t really need her father to be influential in the company. In the meantime, Tom grew more paranoid by the idea of going to prison and planned to talk to Shiv about it. Greg told him about signing Wyndall’s legal defense team after having a meeting with Logan. The episode took a turn when Logan and Rendall were ordered to meet Shareholder John Aaronson.

The investor was concerned that the fight between logan and Rendall would endanger the company. So he asks them to meet him at Aaronson’s private island. Logan reached there first followed by Logan. Josh took them for a walk across the island asked them to put their side of the issue before him. However, the discussion couldn’t lead to an agreement between Logan and Rendall. During the walk, Logan felt really exhausted by the long walking in Succession Season 3 Episode 4. 

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Rendall offered help several times, but Logan refused, resulting in him collapsing on their way back. Towards the end, Josh informed Rendall that he has lost his trust in Waystar’s present leadership. He also noticed Josh having a meeting with Stewy in Succession Season 3 Episode 4.

Succession Season 3 Episode 5: Release Date

The fifth episode of Succession Season 3 will air on November 14, 2021. HBO Max airs each new episode weekly on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET, with an estimated runtime of around 56-70 minutes. The third season will feature nine episodes in total.

Where To Watch The Fifth Episode Of Succession Online?

If you miss the broadcast on HBO Max, you can also stream the latest episodes on Spectrum, Hulu, YouTube TV, and DirecTV. So stay tuned for more detailed previews, and don’t forget to watch the next episode of season 3.

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