Disenchantment Season 4

Disenchantment Season 4: What’s Next For Rebellious Princess Bean? Know Release Date

Fans of Netflix’s Disenchantment are in for a treat of joy as the series is confirmed to return for season 4. After a hit season 3 of Disenchantment, the fans are can’t wait for Disenchantment Season 4 to hit the screens. Disenchantment is an animated adult comedy-drama series created by Matt Groening. He is a legendry name in the animation entertainment industry. The Cult classic satirical take on suburban American lifestyle called ‘ The Simpsons,’ which is also created by Matt Groening.  

The first season of Disenchantment premiered on Netflix in 2018, creating a huge buzz. The series is a parody of the fantasy genre. It depicts a world where mystical creatures like elves, Ogres, and demons coexist within the human world. Disenchantment follows an alcoholic and rebellious Princess Bean in the medieval kingdom of Dreamland. A naive elf named Elfo and a demon pet Luci accompany the princess.

The series moves as the trio embarks on a journey filled with adventures. The series has been a smashing hit on Netflix throughout its three-season run. And ever since the third season premiered on the streaming platform, fans have been eagerly waiting for Disenchantment Season 4 to air. 

When Will Disenchantment Season 4 Premiere?

The third season of Disenchantment aired early this year on January 15. The series released all its ten episodes together on Netflix. And the streaming service confirmed the fourth season of the show even before season 3 premiered. In 2018, Netflix ordered two more episodes after the second season.

Disenchantment Season 4

Thus, we know that season 4 is in the cards and will likely have ten episodes similar to the previous season. However, there is no information about the exact release date for Disenchantment Season 4. But, based on previous seasons of the series, we know that the creators of the show take about a year for a new season. Thus, our guess is that Disenchantment Season 4 can premiere on Netflix sometime in January or February in 2022. 

What Will Happen In Next?

As the season 3 finale approached, the episode became progressively somber. The last cliffhanger, of course, left fans with gaping jaws. By the last episode, Zg appeared to be unqualified to lead the realm, and Bean was named the Queen. The crown, both physically and metaphorically, is too enormous for Bean’s head. Bean and Luci, the main characters, were in the afterlife the last time we saw them. Meanwhile, a bunch of ogres kidnapped Elfo for blinding their prince.

Disenchantment Season 3

Now, Disenchantment Season 4, will probably follow up from the cliffhanger finale and reveal the Devil’s identity. Elfo is still alive, despite the fact that Bean’s group has dispersed. Bean may embark on an adventure to save Elfo. Luci is likely to be the first demon to reach heaven. And she will most likely return in the next season.

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