This Is Us Season 6

This Is Us Season 6: Final Season! Will Kevin & Madison Reunite? Know Release Date

The previous installment of This Is Us premiered in October 2020. And it has turned out to be a massive hit for NBC. The series finale, upon its release, was watched in over 5 million households. Meanwhile, with NBC announcing that This Is Us Season 6 will mark the hit show’s end, the hype and the anticipation for the series are skyrocketing.

This Is Us is a heartfelt family drama series. The show chronicles around the Pearson family, exploring the interconnecting lives of the family member and the transforming relationships among them. The show brilliantly focuses on subjects like parenting, sibling rivalry, family bond, and racialism. 

Created by Dan Fogelman, the series is one of the most acclaimed and fan-favorite shows in the genre. It has also won multiple Emmys for the Outstanding Drama series. The show’s realism and the relatability with the characters are what make it stand out in the pool. The captivating storylines and excellent performances from the series cast has kept its loyal fanbase hooked with the series over the years. And fans are now gearing up for an impactful ending in This Is Us Season 6. 

What To Expect From This Is Us Season 6?

This is Us Season 6

This Is Us season 5 gave viewers a lot to process. Randall found out the truth about his biological parents. Meanwhile, Madison decided to part ways with Kevin and canceled their wedding. Also, Rebecca was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the Pearson family tried to cope with the news. Moreover, the finale revealed the seeming end of Kate and Toby’s deteriorating marriage. Fans saw her marrying her boss Phillp in the five-year time jump in the finale. 

Now, in the final season of the family drama, we might get a deeper look into Toby and Kate’s marriage and how it went wrong. This Is Us Season 6 may also explore how Rebecca’s illness will affect the family. In an interview, series creator Dan Fogelman revealed that the sixth season will be more ambitious than the previous ones, and we might see more time jumps in the final season. 

This Is Us Season 6: Premiere Date

This is Us Season 6

NBC announced the renewal of the show for a fourth, fifth and sixth season in May 2019. The fifth season of This Is Us started airing on the network on October 27, 2020, with the season finale premiering on May 25, 2021. The season consisted of a total of 16 episodes.

Showrunner Fogelman made it clear that they don’t want to drag the storyline beyond its natural ending. Creators began filming for the sixth installment of the series in September 2021. The filming will likely finish by the end of 2021, if not delayed by the pandemic.

According to reports, This Is Us Season 6 will return on January 4, 2022. While fans are getting ready to bid farewell to their beloved series, they are hoping for a happy ending. Based on the show’s popularity, a spinoff or a reboot may also be on the cards, but for now, this is the end for This Is Us. 


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