May 30, 2024
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Younger Season 8: Renewed or Canceled? Spin-Off In Line With Hilary Duff, Nico Tortorella Shares Expectations

Younger Season 8

Younger Season 7 premiered on TV Land on July 7. Since then, fans have been wondering about the next installment of the sow, Younger Season 8. The show has garnered immense love from fans over its seven seasons run. Its light hearted tone and even pace of the series have received acclaim and praises from the critics also.


Sutton Foster’s brilliant performance as Liza is definitely among one of the highlights of this comedy-drama. The series also touches upon the themes like work culture, feminism, ageism, and sexual identity. Younger has something to offer to everyone. But will Younger Season 8 return, and can it keep up with past seasons? Only time will tell.

TV Land’s longest-running show, Younger, is an American Comedy-drama series that first premiered in 2015. It follows Liza, a forty-something single mother in New York who is confused for a 26-year-old. Things take an unexpected turn when she decides to use this to her advantage and achieve her personal and professional goals. Younger is based on Pamela Redmond Satran‘s 2005 novel of the same name. The series originally aired on TV Land but eventually moved to Paramount+ for its seventh season.

Is Younger Season 8 On The Cards?

The seventh season of the famous American comedy-drama series Younger premiered on Paramount+ in July 2021. Although the show ended on a fairly satisfying note. Still, the fans of the series are scratching their heads in hopes of Younger Season 8.

Unfortunately, we have bad news for these fans. It has been confirmed that the seventh season was the last season of Younger. However, after every goodbye comes a new hello, so is the case for the fans of Younger. There are reports that Younger has spawned a spinoff series. Also, the spinoff will star Hilary Duff

as Kelsey Peters from the parent series. Further, the show’s creators have mentioned that a movie might come up in the future, but there appears to be no firm plan at this time.

What Nico Tortorella Has To Say About Younger?

Younger cast member Nico Tortorella lately commented about the show’s final season and the hopes they had for it. In an interview with Deadline, the actor discussed his expectations for his character. Josh’s surname should have been revealed in the fin al episode of the show. But Josh did not get his ‘Mr. Big moment.’ According to the actor, the audience never got to know the character’s last name, and that’s how it ended. Nico Tortorella also discussed the show’s conclusion and what happened to Josh after it ended.

younger season 8

Nico stated that there was room for newness in their connection in season seven of the show. And many fans were hopeful about this aspect. While discussing Josh’s parenting abilities, the actor stated that he would like Josh to continue to co-parent Gemma and be a wonderful father to her.

In addition, the actor predicted that the character would have more children in the future. Further, he also praised the writers for bringing the show to a satisfying conclusion, claiming that the writing team should be rewarded for the drama’s epic conclusion.

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