May 30, 2024
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Outer Banks Season 3: Renewed For Next Season! Releasing Next Year, Will Rafe Call Out The Pogues?

Outer Banks Season 3

Netflix’s ‘Outer banks’ is not the regular teen drama series with Will they/won’t they narrative. The second season of Outer Banks ended with a bang leaving fans to wish for Outer Banks Season 3. The show is a teen drama with elements of mystery. Outer Banks first premiered on Netflix in 2020 and became a massive success for the streaming service. 


Outer Banks is the story of working-class youngsters living on the outer banks of North Carolina. The show revolves around the adventures of John B, who embarks on a journey to find a hidden treasure along with his best friends. It portrays a wide class division among the society between the wealthy and poor, who are known as The Kooks, and The Pogues, respectively. Outer Banks is unquestionably a work of art, with excellent storytelling and stunning cinematography. The second season of Outer Banks gave a few moments to rejoice, but it left the fans waiting desperately for Outer Banks Season 3. 

Will There Be A Third Season?

Outer Banks Season 3

Outer Banks Season 2 was released in July 2021. It has been more than four months since then and fans were starting to wonder will there be Outer Banks Season 3. But Netflix did not disappoint the fans. Recently, the streaming service has announced the renewal of the series for Outer Banks Season 3. The announcement came on December 7, via Netflix’s official Twitter handle.

Jonas Pate, the show’s creator, stated in an interview that he is seeing the show’s future lasting four to five seasons. He was, however, waiting for the streamer to give him the go-ahead. And given the show’s great viewership, Netflix has finally extended it for more seasons. The show is now returning for a third season, and fans can expect it to premiere in mid-2022.

What Will Happen In Outer Banks Season 3?

The final episode of Outer Banks Season 2 has set up numerous potential storylines for the following season. Pogues went missing at the end, despite the audience knowing they escaped in a cargo ship headed for Guadeloupe and landed on the island where they live. Cleo, who is now a member of the Pogues, would have joined them in their escape.

Outer Banks Season 3

Finale ultimately revealed the fact that John B’s father, Big John Routledge, is still alive. Limbrey arrived at Big John’s hideout in Barbados, where he had been hiding since his rescue. In exchange for Limbrey’s assistance in finding the clothing she has been looking for, he requested Limbrey’s aid.

As far as Outer Banks Season 3 is concerned, Cameron’s family has officially gone after Ward’s fake death. So it’s safe to assume that they’ll wind up in Guadeloupe to begin their new life in exile. Rafe, who is the only person who saw the Pogues flee, will have to decide whether or not to tell anyone or chase them down.

Pogues, who reside on an island in the middle of the ocean, appear to be considering collaborating with Limbrey. And John B will learn that his father is still alive. In addition, the third season would also have the Pogues face-off with the Camerons to recover the gold and the cross.

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