May 29, 2024
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Archer Season 13: Will Archer And Lana Get Together Again? What’s The Fate Of ISIS? Know Release Date

Archer Season 13

Imagine if James Bond would have been a self-destructive womanizing alcoholic. Now stop imagining cause someone is already like that. Yes, we are talking about Sterling Archer. The last fans saw of Sterling and the gang of his colleagues was in Archer Season 12. And since the show has already had been renewed for Archer Season 13, fans are excited to see more of Archer’s adventures.


Archer is an animated adult spy comedy series that first premiered on the FX network in 2009. The show follows dysfunctional spy Sterling Archer and his gang of coworkers who work in ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service). The organization is run by Archer’s emotionally distant mother, Malory. The team goes on several espionage missions around the world, making up for the humorous plot of the series. Archer has a little bit of everything, including Sci-Fi, Action, comedy, and friendship.

Archer Season 13

Adam Reed has created the adult comedy series. Upon the release of its first season, Archer has acquired a massive fanbase with its quirky humor and over-the-top action. The critical response has also been fantastic. The show has received acclaim for its unique narrative and quirky characters and also managed to stay relevant throughout its long run of 12 seasons. With time, the fan following of the series has only increased. And now fans are excited for Archer Season 13.

Archer Season 13: What’s Next For Sterling Archer?

At the end of the twelfth season, Archer returned to its roots of spy comedy after delving into many sub-genres from multiple seasons, when Archer woke up from the coma. Fans also saw the spy agency ISIS struggling to survive after the big players were taking over the spy business. They were unable to keep up with the changing dynamics of the espionage industry.

So, Malory persuaded Lana’s husband Robert to invest in ISIS. However, when things ruined between Robert and Lana, he sold the agency to a shell company owned by Fabian’s IIA. As a result, Archer and the entire gang are now technically employed by the IIA. 

Archer Season 13

Unfortunately, after the tragic demise of Malory Archer’s voice actor Jessica Walter fans saw Archer’s mother Malory taking retirement from spy work. The season ended with Archer finding a letter written by his mother. In the letter, she told ISIS members about her decision to quit. She also mentioned that she is now passing the leadership torch to Archer.

Now, for Archer Season 13, fans sure know that the gang (except for Ray Gillette) is unhappy about being occupied by the IIA. Thus, Archer and the team need to find a way to reestablish the ISIS they all love and worked in. Also, since Lana’s marriage with Robert is now in ruins, we might see Archer and Lana getting together again. After all, they are platonic. 

Archer Season 13: Release Date!

Archer Season 13

The renewal announcement of the series for Archer Season 13 came in September. The previous season of the series was delayed by Covid 19 and Jessica Walter’s death. However, according to a few reports, the work on the next season has already started. However, there is no official release date for the season yet. But if everything goes smoothly, then fans can expect Archer Season 13 to release sometime around mid-2022. Till then, stay tuned with us for more updates.

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