The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 16

The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 10 Delayed: Dave And Calvin Act As A Juror While Marty And Malcolm Rent Their House!

It looks like fans will have to wait a while before the next episode airs on CBS. The show has taken a month-long mid-season vacation. It seems like Dave and Calvin will be fulfilling a judicial duty in The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 10. They will be chosen to serve as a juror in the same trial.

Meanwhile, Malcolm and Marty will rent their house for a film shoot without getting any details about the film. Hence, keep reading ahead to learn all the essential details about the upcoming episode.

The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 10 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 8
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The tenth episode of The Neighborhood Season 4 is titled “Welcome To Jury Duty.” Dave and Calvin will serve as jurors during the same trial. However, things might get tricky when the two discuss the case, which could threaten the integrity of the jury. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Marty will rent their house for a film shoot.

However, they forget to ask the producers what the movie is about in The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 10. Thus, things might get messy when a complicated movie is shot at their home, and their parents come across it.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Calvin and Dave took a trip to buy some Haberdashery LA shirts. The store manager got them drunk and tried to sell off an $800 jacket to Calvin. He also bought the jacket after the manager, and Dave insisted. He showed off his jacket to Tina and Gemma when they returned back to the Johnsons. 

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Meanwhile, in The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 9, Gemma was excited to hang out with her new parent friends Josh and Daisy. However, the parenting reunion took a turn for the worse when their daughter Thatcher came into the picture. She was disrespectful and mean, and her parents Josh and Daisy, never objected.

Gemma got worried when she found Grover acting like Thatcher. Thatcher started to shoot with a fruit punch gun at everyone during another visit. Calvin wore his expensive jacket. Just when Thatcher was about to shoot him, Tina came in the way and saved his jacket.

However, Calvin grew more and more paranoid about ruining the jacket after the incident. So, he decided not to wear it outside. Tina then got frustrated and told Calvin that her mother did not enjoy good things in life due to her conservative nature. The story inspired Calvin, and he wore the jacket during the visit to the Johnsons. In the end, he was surprised to see Dave, who had bought a similar jacket in The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 9.

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The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 10: Airing Date

The upcoming episode will air after a mid-season break. The previous one aired on December 6, after which the series has taken a month-long break. Thus, CBS will air The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 10 on January 3, 2021, with an estimated runtime of around 30 minutes.

Where To Stream The Returning Episode Online?

If you miss the next episode on CBS, you can stream it on the network’s official website and Paramount+. Moreover, the current season is also available on YouTube TV, DirecTV, Hulu+Live, Spectrum, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video. So, don’t miss out on the episode, and stay tuned for more informative episode previews.


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