June 16, 2024
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Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Episode 6: Captain Burnham And Crew Run Into A Subspace Rift, Book Gets A Visitor From Past!

Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Episode 12

It seems like Captain Burnham and her team will be treading dangerous waters in Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Episode 6. The Discovery will find themselves in a subspace rift capable of destroying their vessel. Moreover, Burnham and the Federation will look to find some clues about the anomaly’s origin in the next episode. But, what will happen in the sixth episode? Keep reading ahead to know!


Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Episode 6 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

The sixth episode of Star Trek Discovery Season 4 is titled “Stormy Weather.” Captain Burnham and his crew will be looking for answers in order to find the entity behind the anomaly. Thus, the USS Discovery will venture straight into a subspace rift created by the Dark Matter Anomaly. Meanwhile, all the memories about his destruction will come crashing when Book meets a peculiar visitor from his past in Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Episode 6.

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The Federation is looking for some concrete proof to find the perpetrator responsible for the anomaly. Thus, they will make efforts to rescue Discovery and save the universe from collapsing in the next episode. 

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with paul Stamets and Jett Reno trying to decipher the unpredictable ways of the anomaly. The Discovery crew figured that the anomaly had to be artificial due to its multidirectional movements. Admiral Charles Vance realized that Species 10C might be behind the anomaly.

So, he freed his other suspects, including Metrons and Q Continuum. Meanwhile, the anomaly was heading towards another colony. Captain Burnham and her crew were tasked to evacuate the colony in three hours. 

Star Trek Discover Season 4
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After reaching the colony, Burnham and Book initiated the evacuation of an automated prison facility. They had to shut off the systems and open the gates manually to rescue the prisoners. The Federation promised them to provide political asylum. Moreover, Ruon Tarka had a plan to flush out the entity behind the Flux. He suggested that generating a singularity around Discovery might be the solution. However, Saru realized the risks involved and shut Tarka’s operation immediately. 

Further, Doctor Hugh Culber confided in Kovich about his anxiety. Culber had been struggling to accept the reality after he died previously. One of the prisoners at the colony confessed to a murder and decided to stay behind. He gave Burnham a family heirloom that he stole from his victim.

Burnham returned it to the victim’s daughter, who was a part of the refugee squad. In the end, Tarka realized that Book was extremely angry at the person who created the anomaly in Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Episode 5.

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Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Episode 6: Airing Date

Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Episode 6 will air on December 23, 2021. Paramount+ airs a new episode weekly on Thursdays at 3:00 a.m. ET. And every episode has 60 minutes of estimated runtime. 

Where To Stream The Next Episode Online?

If you miss Paramount+’s broadcast, you can stream the latest episode on Amazon Prime Video and CBS All Access app. Moreover, season 4 is also available on Xfinity, DirecTV, Fubo TV, and Vudu. So, don’t skip the sixth episode and stay tuned for more thrilling episode previews about your favorite TV shows.

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