April 13, 2024
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Invasion Season 2: Is Casper The Key For Humanity? Show-Runner Expanding Universe In Epic Ways

Invasion Season 2

The first season of Apple Tv+’s Sci-Fi drama series ‘Invasion’ just finished its run on December 10. And now, fans are wondering as to when and if Invasion Season 2 will come out.


Invasion is a science fiction drama series released on Apple TV+ in October 2021. The show follows the personal lives of four individuals in the midst of a full-fletched alien invasion on Earth. The audience and critics have well received the first season of the series. However, the first season only explored the early stages of the alien invasion, leaving the fans excited to see more of it in Invasion Season 2.

About The Show

Invasion Season 2
Apple TV

Invasion is a story of an alien incursion on Earth and its war. As the world gets deep in chaos, everyone tries to fight for their survival in an absurd situation. The series follows the viewpoint of mainly four people. Aneesha Malik is a loving mommy and wife whose husband is disloyal to her. The alien attack started when she was confronting her husband about cheating. Also, there is Trevante Ward, an American trooper desperately trying to return home to his wife after the attack killed his entire unit. 

Meanwhile, Mitsuki Yamato is a Japanese space researcher. Her partner astronaut Hinata Murai supposedly died in the crash with alien spacecraft. And, the fourth person is Caspar Morrow, a normal boy who can connect with the alien communication channels. Meanwhile, rather than focusing on the great war between the Earth’s inhabitants and otherworldly beings, Invasion focuses on how people’s lives have been affected by an alien invasion. It’ll be interesting to find out what happens next in their lives in Invasion Season 2. 

Invasion Season 2: What To Expect?

In the first season of Invasion, the world was still coping with an alien invasion. Mitsuki escaped the city, seeking refuge in a shrine. Meanwhile, Ahmed’s death has been sorrowful for the Malik family. Warm got back home to his wife while Casper was considered dead. Also, Casper encountered Ikuro in a delusive state. The aliens have likely created him from Hinata’s recollection. Moreover, at the end of the first season, a gigantic alien ship came and started taking away Earth’s water.

Invasion Season 2
Apple Tv

Now, Invasion Season 2 will explore more about the invasion and the reason behind it. Meanwhile, despite Ward’s promise to his wife of not going back to the war, it is like that he will have to choose duty over love due to the circumstances in Invasion Season 2.

Moreover, Aneesha will keep traveling with her children in search of a safe place. Casper will awaken, and he is likely to play a crucial part in humanity’s battle against the alien kind. Finally, in Invasion Season 2, Mitsuki will most likely return to the city to rejoin JASA.

Season 2 Is Coming!

Invasion Season 2
Apple TV

Apple TV+ renewed the series for Invasion Season 2 before the first season’s conclusion. Showrunner Kinberg while announcing the good news, stated that “I’m profoundly grateful to Apple for being so supportive every step of the way and trusting us to make a deeply human, emotional alien-invasion story,”

He also thanked the amazing fans, without whom he wouldn’t have this opportunity to continue the invasion. Kinberg further added that he is very excited about season two. And that they are to expand “our universe in the most intimate and epic ways.”

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