May 29, 2024
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Sweet Home Season 2: Song Kang Returning As Hyun-su! Will He Turn Into A Monster? Know Release Date

Sweet Home Season 2

The first season of the horror drama series Sweet Home has been a standout amid the plethora of content available on Netflix. And it looks like the preparations for Sweet Home Season 2 are in full swing. There is news all over the internet that the second installment of Sweet Home is on its way and Song Kang will reprise his role as the lead of the series. So let us get into all the details about the second season-


Netflix’s Sweet Home is Korean horror drama series that debuted on Netflix in December 2020. The show follows a teenager named Cha Hyun-su. He is suffering from suicidal tendencies in a world amind apocalypse. Cha is confined in a building called Green House. There, he encounters terrifying truths about demons and humans. Sweet Home series is a story of survival. The eponymous webtoon by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan inspires the series.

Sweet Home Season 2

The show has garnered immense popularity upon the release of the first season on Netflix. It has created a massive and dedicated fanbase. The critics have also applauded the series for its gripping narrative. And now the fans are excited for Sweet Home Season 2.

Song Kang Returning For His Role!

The creators of the apocalyptic horror drama series are gearing up for the second season’s production. In the first season of the show, Song Kang received praises for his portrayal of Cha Hyun Soo. According to reports, now the actor is returning to reprise his role in the second installment.

Song’s agency, Namoo Actors, has released a statement saying, “It is true that we are discussing the appearance of Song Kang in Sweet Home Season 2, but nothing has been confirmed yet.” However, there is no official release date yet for the season. But some are claiming that the second season might release in late 2022.

What To Expect From Sweet Home Season 2?

In the first season of the series, fans saw Hyun-Su and other Green Home tenants encountering the danger of the frightening monsters who eat flesh. The humans created an accord and did their best to endure. However, the chaos spread wide. Also, Hyun-Su began turning into a monster. But, he was fighting his killer urges. Thus he was called a “special infectee” 

Sweet Home Season 2

At the end of the first season, Green Home was attacked by a bunch of outlaws. Later, Eun-hyuk was bleeding like an infected just before the construction tumbled near him. Meanwhile, Yi-Kyung attempted to run, but the military stopped him. Finally, she rejoined them so that she could find her fiance. Sang-Wook took a wounded Hyun-su in an army automobile to an unknown place.

Now, Sweet Home Season 2 will likely tell us about Hyun-Su and Sang-Wook. It might also explore how Yi-Kyung deals with the troops. She would be assigned the task of tracking all special infectees like Hyun-Su. Fans will also learn whether Eun-hyuk turned into a monster or not. There are some chances that the survivors of the Green House will face each other. However, they might be on opposite sides.

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