May 24, 2024
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Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 10: FBI Investigates The Doctors Regarding Vas-COM Scandal, Goodwin Receives Backlash!

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 18

NBC’s highly acclaimed medical drama is returning after a fall break with Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 10. But it seems like the hospital will receive a lot of pressure from the FBI. Goodwin reported the Vas-COM scandal and Dr. Cooper’s involvement with the feds. Thus, she would receive some ill-treatment from the hospital board. Moreover, the feds would conduct a thorough investigation to find the truth in the next episode. Hence, keep reading to know all the essential details about the tenth episode.


Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 10 Precap: What Will Happen Next?

The tenth episode of Chicago Med Season 7 is titled “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished In Chicago.” Goodwin will be facing heat from the hospital board in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 10. She decided to inform the FBI about the Vas-COM scandal. Thus, she will clash with the hospital’s new compliance officer. Moreover, the hospital will get controversial attention from the media.

Meanwhile, Marcel and Blake will work together to save a patient. Sadly, the patient’s son has severe autism, and there is nobody else to take care of the child. Moreover, a patient’s son will lie to his father about his diagnosis in the next episode. Then the FBI and the media would flood the hospital. Thus, the feds will question all the staff members and try to find if other doctors were involved in the matter. The FBI is also keen to find if Dr. Halstead was involved in the device’s promotion.

A Quick Recap!

Halstead accompanied the Vas-COM representative, Jessa, to her niece’s choir recital in the ninth episode. They went back to her home after the recital. Moreover, Jessa confessed to offering Dr. Cooper a deal on selling these devices. She offered the same deal to Halstead, who recorded the conversation. He and Goodwin reached out to the hospital board with evidence against Dr. Cooper.

Image: NBC

The duo insisted on involving the FBI. However, the board decided to keep the matter quiet to avoid unnecessary attention to the hospital. The board decided to fir Dr. Cooper from the hospital. Moreover, Taylor’s drug test was negative, and she thanked Maggie for helping her out.

Meanwhile, in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9, Halstead and Scott handled a stable infant whose condition worsened suddenly. The baby had to be incubated immediately. The doc tors recognized it to be a hereditary condition. They treated the baby and managed to save the infant’s life.

Elsewhere, Taylor and Hammer treated a woman who suffered a rat bite. She was fired from her work and pretended to go to the office every day. But instead, she spent her time at a storage house. Unfortunately, a rat with Typhus disease bit her. Her husband found out the truth after her insurance and credit cards declined.

Image: NBC

Blake And Marcel Shared An Intimate Moment After A Surgery

Marcel and Blake handled a transplant surgery involving a patient with a rare blood group. The surgery got complicated when the patient, Rubin, crashed with a lot of pressure in the brain. The doctors consulted Dr. Abrams to deal with the pressure before moving ahead with the surgery. Eventually, Marcel and Blake finished the transplantation and saved Rubin. However, the smell of Marcel’s aftershave reminded Blake of her ex-husband. The two kissed eventually in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9.

Taylor Makes An Important Announcement At The Hospital

Taylor announced to the staff that Maggie was her biological mother during the Christmas party. Archer and Charles handled a schizophreniac patient. Archer did not believe that the patient was suffering from mental issues. However, Charles proved him wrong using a VR app. Moreover, Goodwin decided to go against the board and informed the FBI about the Vas-COM scandal in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9.

Image: NBC

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 10: Return Date

The show is returning after a fall break, as the ninth episode aired on December 8, 2021. Now, NBC will air Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 10 on January 5, 2022. The network will continue airing a new episode weekly on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. And, every episode of season 7 will have an average runtime of 45 minutes.

Where To Stream The Returning Episode Online?

If you miss NBC’s broadcast, you can stream the tenth episode on the network’s official website and the NBC app. Moreover, season 7 is also available on Sling TV, DirecTV, Peacock, USA Network, Hulu+Live, Xfinity, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV. So, don’t skip the upcoming episode and stay tuned for more exciting episode previews.

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