May 19, 2024
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True Beauty Season 2: Will The Kdrama Return For Another Season? Will Ju-kyung And Su-ho Return?

True Beauty Season 2

The first season of tvN’s popular Kdrama series True Beauty premiered in December 2020. The season ended with Lim Ju-kyung and Lee Su-ho going on their separate ways to pursue their dreams. However, the audience is still not over their chemistry. And they have been tirelessly waiting for True Beauty Season 2. But will that happen? Let us discuss everything we know about the following season.


True Beauty (Yeosin-gangnim) is a South Korean romantic comedy-drama series. The show debuted on tvN Network on December 9, 2020. It is based on an eponymous webtoon created by Yaongyi. The Kdrama revolves around a high school teenager named Lim Ju-kyung. All her life, she has been downgraded by her friends and family who taunt her about her physical appearance. Thus, she starts wearing make-up before moving to her new school. Although she attends fame and popularity in the school, she lives in constant insecurity of being seen without make-up.

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True Beauty Season 2

Upon the release of the first season, the show garnered high popularity among the viewers. Meanwhile, it is also highly rated by critics. As a result, the light-hearted comedy-drama has garnered a massive fanbase, who are waiting for True Beauty Season 2.

Will There Be True Beauty Season 2?

True Beauty Season 2

The first season of the Kdrama series premiered its season finale on February 4, 2021. And since then, fans of the show have been waiting for any announcement or statement from the network. However, there has not been any official statement from the tvN network about the series renewal. Although it is also true that Kdramas rarely gets renewed for more seasons. However, based on the popularity and recent trends prevailing, there is still hope for True Beauty. As the series follows webtoon, it surely has plenty of source material to keep going.

What To Expect From The Next Season?

The first season of the series ended with Ju-kyung and Su-ho going on their separate ways before a two-year time jump. Saebom High School had graduated Ju-kyung and her companions. Seo-jun was then training for a job as a cosmetics artist, as she was prepared to begin her musical career. He also admitted his affection for Ju-kyung, but he must understand that she is unable to be with him. Su-ho returned from Japan and rejoined Ju-Kyung. Su-ho gave Seo-jun the final version of Se-Yeon’s song to perform during his debut performance, and the season concluded on a sorrowful note.

True Beauty Season 2

So, if fans get a second season, then they might see the lead characters working toward their goals. As their lives get more problematic, some dynamics might change. Accepting his unanswered love for Ju-kyung would not have been easy for Seo-jun, but has he fully accepted it? True beauty Season 2 might also focus on Ju-kyung and Su-ho’s dynamics.

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