February 26, 2024
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Station Eleven Episode 10: Finale! Know What’s Next For Kristen

Station Eleven

The first season of HBO’s post-apocalyptic drama series Station Eleven has been widely successful. The ninth episode premiered last week, in which viewers saw Kristen And Tyler getting Inside the Museum of Civilization. At the end of the episode, Tyler blew up a section of the museum. Now viewers are excited for Station Eleven Episode 10 to see what will happen. The tenth episode will also be the last episode of the first season.


Station Eleven Episode 10 Preview: What Will Happen?

Station Eleven Episdoe 10

HBO Max’s post-apocalyptic drama series Station Eleven is turning out to be quite a surprise, exceeding viewers’ expectations. The show revolves around survivors of deadly flu as they try to rebuild what’s left of this world. After the events of the ninth episode, viewers are curious to find out what the next episode has in store for the characters. 

Unfortunately, it is hard to determine what will happen in Station Eleven Episode 10, especially in the absence of a promo or official synopsis about the episode. But we know that since the episode is the season finale, it will attempt to tie all loose ends in the first season’s story arc.

A Quick Recap!

The ninth episode of Station Eleven was titled, “Dr. Chaudhry.” In the previous episode, viewers saw Elizabeth at the Museum of Civilization and Traveling Symphony has decided to play there. After Tyler, a.k.a. The Prophet brought back Kristen’s life following the Bandanas’ assault on her, she eventually reached Severn city. Tyler and Kristen go to the Museum of Civilization, where they claimed to be actors accompanying the Traveling Symphony. However, the museum’s director Clack is skeptical of them. Finally, Kirsten and Tyler are allowed to enter the museum’s quarantine zone after performing a piece from the Station Eleven animation.

Station Eleven Station 10

Soon, Kristen found out that the museum’s hospitality was just Clark’s tactic to keep the Traveling Symphony there. She attempted to convince the rest of the team about the reality. However, they are not very trusting of her claims. Nevertheless, the amenity and safety of the museum won over the artist, and they decided to spend the winter there.

Meanwhile, Tyler was carrying out his own scheme of things. Then, thieves stole an ancient remote apparatus from the museum’s artifacts section. He helps Kirsten in bidding, saying goodbye to Sarah. He had a “broken heart” owing to his experiences at the airport when he was a child. Then Kristen took Tyler away with him. After they got outside the airport building, Tyler blew up the airport tower using the remote he stole from the museum.

When And Where To Watch Station Eleven Episode 10?

Station Eleven Episode 10

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Station Eleven Episode 10 after the ninth episode premiered on January 6, 2022. If you are one of those fans, who are excited about the next episode. Then here is your answer. Station Eleven Episode 10 will premiere on January 14. Fans will be able to watch the episode on HBO at 3 Pm Est. In addition, the episode will also be available on HBO Max.

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