Young Wallander Season 2

Young Wallander Season 2: Confirmed By Netflix! Will Wallander Return To The Police Force?

There is certainly no shortage of shows and movies about Henning Mankell’s popular Scandinavian detective Wallander. And Netflix’s series Young Wallander is another addition to the list. The first season of the show exploring the early days of the iconic character premiered on Netflix in 2020. Since then, fans have been curious about how will the story unfold in Young Wallander Season 2. So, let us discuss what all is there about the next season of Youg Wallander.

Young Wallander is Netflix’s original edgy crime drama series that debuted on the platform in September 2020. The show is based on the iconic Swedish police detective from Henning Mankell’s novels. It follows detective Kurt Wallander in his youth before turning into the grumpy dysfunctional, alcoholic, opera-loving detective who we’ve known for years. The show is set in the modern-day Swedish city of Malmo and sheds on the contemporary issue of immigration in Sweden.

When Is Young Wallander Season 2 Coming?

The mini-series developed by Ben Harris has received widely positive reviews from critics upon the release of the first season. Young Wallander has managed to introduce the cult character to a whole new generation of fans. On the other hand, it has also successfully attracted the existing fans. The first season of the series has been a massive hit for Netflix. The compelling storyline, multi-layered characters, and excellent performance by the actors are what make this series worth the while. But when will Netflix release Young Wallander Season 2? Let us find that out-

When Is Young Wallander Season 2 Coming?

The first of the series comprising six episodes dropped on Netflix on September 3, 2020. And after the end of the first season, the streaming giant Netflix confirmed in November 2020 that the show is renewed for Young Wallander Season 2. The streaming giant has planned to release the second season in 2021.

However, things were delayed due to the second and the third wave of Covid19 in Sweden. As of now, there is no confirmed release date for Young Wallander Season 2. But there are rumors that it might make its way on Netflix in late 2022. Thus, we advise the fans to sit tight stay tuned with Techradar247 for any updates and news about their favorite shows.

Young Wallander Season 2

Last Season Recap!

In the first season of the show, viewers saw Wallander leaving the police force in Malmö. He took the decision out of disappointment as the affluent killer Karl-Axel went free by using his family’s influence and pricey lawyers. He had been working tirelessly on the case for so long that the case took his partners’ life and almost got him killed when he was stabbed, but it was all for nothing.

What To Expect From Young Wallender Season 2?

After quitting the force, the million-dollar question is where Wallander is headed now? If we go according to books, he might be working as a police inspector in Ystad. However, it doesn’t seem very likely that he quit one job in the police force only to take a similar job in Young Wallander Season 2. Thus, fans don’t expect it to happen. Although they can see him in Ystad in the next season, but he won’t be working as a cop, instead, maybe as a private investigator. 

Young Wallander Season 2

On the other hand, Young Wallander is not likely to repeat the same error as BBC’s Sherlock did in the early days, which is, laying contemporary drama on the chassis of cases from the works of Arthur Conan Doyle. Young Wallender is a prequel, so it can take the liberty to explore the character on a different path as long as he is set to end up in the same story as the novels.  

So, Young Wallander Season 2 might explore the relationship between Mona and Wallander after the duo started dating in the first season. In the novels, the older Wallander has forever been dissatisfied with his job as a police officer. However, he kept working as a cop for the most part of his life. Thus, it is very much likely that Wallander will return to the police force at a point in Young Wallander Season 2. Meanwhile, he may continue chasing Karl-Axel. And there is certainly adequate source material for the continuation of the story. 

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