The Equalizer Season 3

The Equalizer Season 3: Canceled? Will Chris Noth’s William Bishop Return?

CBS’ reboot of the popular 1980s show The Equalizer has turned out to be a massive success for the network. After the conclusion of the second season on January 9, 2022, there is only one thing that every fan is curious about. They are asking when The Equalizer Season 3 is coming. So let us take a dive into the pool of details to know about it. 

Will There Be The Equalizer Season 3?

The Equalizer Season 3

The second season of The Equalizer was premiered on CBS on January 9, 2022. And since then, fans are eagerly waiting to get any update on The Equalizer Season 3. However, it has been only a couple of weeks since the premiere of the second season. So, there are no official announcements about The Equalizer Season 3 as of now. But given the show’s popularity, it is more than likely that the showrunners and the network will return for the third installment of Robyn McCall’s story.

What Happened To William Bishop In The Equalizer?

In The Equalizer, The audience was introduced to William in the first season. William Bishop is one of the companions of Robyn McCall. Bishop And Robyn have a long history together. William is an Ex CIA director who helped Robyn as a mentor during her initial days in the agency. After retiring from the CIA, Bishop now manages a private security company. In addition, he sometimes assists Robyn in vigilante actions and liaisons between Robyn and the CIA.

The Equalizer Season 3

In The Equalizer season 2, episode 7, viewers learned that William has a son named Zaed. Everything turns upside down when Bishop discovered that a terrorist life led by Hassan Talib is behind him. Bishop told Robyn that the group has abducted his son Zaed. Meanwhile, some of the CIA’s most classified information is at stake. As a result, Robyn decided to help Bishop save his son.

During the rescue, Bishop and Zaed connected with each other, as Zaed did not know who his father is. Harry’s valiant actions made sure that Zaed was safely rescued. In the next episode, out of courtesy, Bishop pulled some strings with the President, and Harry got released from prison. He was detained by the FBI on charges of breaching the CIA servers during the mission.

Chris Noth Fired From The Equalizer Season 3?

The Equalizer Season 3

The storyline of The Equalizer did not hint at the departure of Chris Noth’s Willaim Bishop. However, the show’s creators have revealed that the eighth episode of the second season was the last time Chris Noth was on The Equalizer. Since the first season of The Equalizer, Noth had been a series regular. However, after the second season’s premiere in December 2021, his term on the show came to an end. 

The actor has been removed from his role in the series on the pretext of a series of sexual assault charges against him that first came out in public on December 16, 2021. Since then, at least four women have accused Noth of sexual misconduct. Although Noth has renounced the accusation against him, the scandal is reportedly the primary cause for his exit from The Equalizer Season 3.

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