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Loudermilk Season 4: Set To Return Soon! Showrunner Want Seven Seasons To Tell The Story

Audience network’s off-beat Canadian comedy-drama series Loudermilk found a new home on Amazon Prime Videos after AT&T pulled the plug on the network. The third season of the series developed by Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort came out in late 2020. And fans have thoroughly enjoyed all three seasons of the story of a frustrated rehab counselor. However, three seasons are not enough for fans as they are still waiting for Loudermilk Season 4. So, let’s discuss will there be the fourth season of Loudermilk. 

Will There Be Loudermilk Season 4?

Loudermilk Season 4

After the initial release in Canada on December 31, 2020, the third season of Loudermilk globally premiered on Amazon Prime Video on April 27, 2021. And as far as Loudermilk Season 4 is concerned, the good news is that things are looking a lot more favorable for a fourth season than they were a while back. After AT&T shut down the Audience network, the show was homeless. But fortunately, Amazon Prime picked up the show. 

At the time of the announcement, showrunner Farrelly said, “Everybody wants to come back and do Season 4. We are going to get them back, we are going to do it. we just need to find the right home for it.” His statements indicate that there might be a Loudermilk Season 4. After all, fans are excited just by the thought of it. But we do not have any confirmation when and if the show will come back for its fourth run. So, fans will have to wait for a while to have an official word of the streaming platform.

What Happened In The Third Season?

The third season of Loudermilk revolved around the lead character of the series, Sam Loudermilk. He is a previous music critic who is working as a drug abuse counselor with a lousy attitude. He despises people who have a psyche and are better than him in any way. Nonetheless, he assists these people around him in getting rid of their dangerous addictions.

We saw Loudermilk, unlike his nature, being nice to two individuals who needed his help as a drug abuse counselor. They were his best friend and generally clearheaded ally, Ben Burns, and his financer and unexpected roommate, Claire Wilkes.

Loudermilk Season 4

Loudermilk Season 3 also depicted a transformation in the emotional angle of the series. The characters in the show were trying to embrace their new selves and leave behind the traumas of the past that haunted them. The main character Sam displayed tremendous progress and even wrote a book in the season.

What Might Happen In Loudermilk Season 4?

After the third season of Loudermilk ended on a positive note, fans have been wondering what will happen in Loudermilk Season 4. And to fans’ surprise, showrunner Peter Farrelly previously talked about his plans for the fourth season. Talking about Loudermilk Season 4, Farrelly pointed out some hints about what the fans can expect ahead of the fourth installment of Loudermilk.

Loudermilk Season 4

Farrelly stated, “It is the year Loudermilk gets his mojo back. It becomes a huge smash hit in Season 4. And all of a sudden, he is back in the game, people are inviting him to parties, and he is hanging out with real musicians.” According to him, after three seasons of mindful sincerity and living a low-key lifestyle, triumph and readmittance to a more alluring way of life bring their own set of problems. Farrelly then remarked, “Now the question is, will he have time for that sad, sad group he has been babysitting for the last three years? Will he be able to maintain the sobriety now that he is back in the fast lane?”

So, when Loudermilk Season 4 arrives, it will most likely pick up the story after the ending of the third season. Viewers might see Sam Loudermilk facing perils to his declining psychological health and sobriety more fierce than he has ever experienced before. There is a chance that fans might see even see Sam Loudermilk going through the highest of highs and lowest of lows in his life. But we have good news as Farrelly mentioned that the fourth season would not be the end of the story. He wants to work on the fifth, sixth, and even seventh season of the show.

Loudermilk Season 4: Cast Returning!

Loudermilk Season 4

Loudermilk features Ron Livingston as the lead character, Sam Loudermilk, a straightforward drug abuse counselor who takes therapy sessions for people battling addictions. The show also stars Will Sasso as Ben Burns. Meanwhile, Anja Savcic appears as Claire Wilkes, a young girl coping with the demise of her father, and Brian Regan plays Winston “Mugsy” Bennigan.

In addition, other regular cast members include Ricky Blitt as New Guy, Viv Leacock as Stevie, Timothy Webber as Ed, among many others. Show creator Farrelly has already said that the majority of the prominent cast members will return to their roles in Loudermilk Season 4. In addition, the performers playing frequent parts like Lissie (Lizzie Poole), Tom Butler (Jack Loudermilk), and Benjamin Rogers (Felix Furbush) are also likely to return.

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