May 29, 2024
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Arcane Season 2: Who Will Lead Zaun After Silco? New Leader Coming Up!

Arcane Season 2

In 2021, Netflix released the first season of the animated series Arcane. And the fans went gaga with the series adaptation of one of the most popular game franchises. The series is based on League of Legends by Riot Games was a huge hit for the streaming giant. The first season ended with a rift among the two sisters, Vi and Jinx, growing. And now, fans can’t wait for Arcane Season 2, to find out what’s next for the people of Zaun.


Will There Be Arcane Season 2?

The first season of Arcane premiered on Netflix on November 6, 2021. And as far as Arcane Season 2 is concerned, fans have a reason to jubilate as the streaming service has already greenlit the second season. 

On November 21, 2021, the CEO of Riot Games, Nicolo Laurent, tweeted, “So yeah, we are working on #arcane season 2. The good news: you won’t have to wait for 6 years (the time it took us to making season 1) The bad news: it’s not coming in 2022.” After the tweet, it got confirmed that the production of the second season is already underway. But nothing about the release date of Arcane Season 2 can be said with absolute certainty till there are some new updates from the creators. Till then, stay tuned to TechRadar247.

What Happened In Season One?

At the start of the first season of Netflix’s Arcane, Vi and Powder united with Vander and others for the uprising to liberate Zaun from the grips of Piltover. However, things did not go as the group planned. There was complete chaos, as Vander was killed in the Powder blast. After the death of Vander, Silco, a crime boss who makes ferocious monsters out of Piltover’s people, gets hold of the Powder. On the other hand, Vi is imprisoned. Meanwhile, Viktor and Jayce unlawfully experiment with arcane sorcery and create the destructive “Hextech.”

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Jinx eventually accepts her new persona after Silco gets the Powder. Vi is freed from prison by Caitlyn. But Jinx abducts both of them. Silco dies in an accident in the midst of all the mayhem, and Jinx finally enthralls in her new identity. At the end of the first season, Jinx fired a rocket launcher at the council chamber of Piltover, using the arcane crystals, and the members of the council decided to free Zaun.

What To Expect From Arcane Season 2?

Now, when the series comes back for another season, we can expect it to pick up from the aftermath of the blast at the council chamber. In Arcane Season 2, chaos may reign supreme in Piltover as Silco is dead and Jinx has taken advantage of the situation. The second season might focus on Zaun’s independence, as the explosion hampered the consensus to free the city.

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Meanwhile, as her sister has become a full-fletched force of destruction, Vi will have some tough choices to make in Arcane Season 2. Their relationship is in ruins, and we might see the two sisters going head to head more than once in the next season. Vi might get some help from Caitlyn to take down Jinx, but will that be enough? We shall find out about that in Arcane Season 2. 

What Was Sky Researching Before She Died?

The first season of Arcane showed us Jayce and Viktor’s discoveries. But they were not the only people working on some miraculous technology. By the end of the first season, viewers saw Victor’s assistant Sky motivated by his ambition to make the world a better place and try to devise her own research.

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But unfortunately, a terrible accident claimed Sky’s life while Viktor attempted to employ Hextech to heal his unhealthy body. She left her notes behind. But the guilt of Sky’s death deeply impacted Viktor. And he tried to pay tribute to her by making her research a reality. Now, Arcane Season 2 might reveal what was the research that Sky was working on. And her technology can play a role in helping transform the status quo of Piltover.

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Who Will Lead Zaun After Silco?

In Arcane Chapter One, Vander led the neighborhood while trying to maintain peace among the rulers of Piltover and the undercity. After the death of Vander, Silco rose up to the occasion and started running the undercity in a different but effective way. He made allied allies with crimelords and did everything in his power to bring the Nation of Zaun into existence.

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However, a war is on the horizon for Piltover and Zaun. And Jinx’s actions in the first season might have destroyed all hopes of a peaceful resolution of the issue. Furthermore, Silco lost his life in the first season, creating a void in the undercity. In Arcane Season 2, Zaun might find its new leader to keep the undercity together. Zaun will need a strong leader more than ever if Piltover declares war on the undercity. One of Silco’s crimelord allies may try to lead the Zaun. Or it may be from Firefly’s free-fighters.

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