May 25, 2024
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Juvenile Justice Season 2: Will The Show Return With Another Story? What Are The Chances?

Juvenile Justice Season 2

Whether it be Alice In Borderland, Squid Game, or All Of Us Are Dead, Netflix has been hitting jackpots one after other when it comes to South Korean content on the platform. Legal crime thriller series Juvenile Justice is the latest addition in the series. The first season of the has just concluded on the streaming service. However, fans are already excited about Juvenile Justice Season 2.


Juvenile Justice Season 2: What’s Next?

The first season of the series ended with the Yeonhwa Gang Rape case causing emotional turmoil. The case involves Kang Seon-A, and it is tied to the murder of Sim Eun-kid. After learning this, Seok’s Na Geun-Hee dismisses Eun-Seok from both the defense and criminal charges. The sound tape of Seon-A’s father was solid evidence proof against Hwang In-jun, whereas it can not be used in court. Things take an unexpected turn as one of the cricket girls tells the truth about Baek Do-Hyeon.

Juvenile Justice

She claimed that Baek Do-Hyeon, who’d already collaborated with In-jun on a brick-and-mortar lawsuit, was the gang’s commander. Sim Eun-Seok investigated the Daeho Inn, while Baek Do-Hyeon was trapped in the pit. Judge Sim had severe sclerosis. However, Na Geun-Hee had a change of heart at the last minute. She offered Seon-A the opportunity to speak before returning the case to the prosecutors. Although Sim Eun-Seok was unable to visit her son’s grave and instead went to the Disciplinary Committee to deal with him.

Now, Juvenile Justice Season 2 could start from the end of the first season. Judge Sim Eun-Seok might consider young offenders. Her anger towards these youngsters. However, it will never fade, as she underscores before the Disciplinary Committee. Na Geung-hee, on the other hand, maybe able to elaborate on her activities. So, in Juvenile Justice Season 2, the audience will learn what the fate of Sim Eun-Seok is. And if Sim Eun-Seok and Cha Tae-Ju are drawing opponents. But that’s probably a bit of a scavenger hunt.

Juvenile Justice Season 2

Fans have not yet witnessed Cha Tae-former jun’s life. So, season two is going to be a big deal in his life. He is the keeper of the past’s terrible secrets, but some of them were revealed in the first season. Juvenile Justice Season 2 might go into cases like the Pureun Home of Girls. It’ll be interesting to observe how well O Seon-daughters Ja’s get along with other young ladies. There will, without a doubt, be plenty of fascinating scenarios to investigate in the second run.

When Is Juvenile Justice Season 2 Coming?

The entire first season of Juvenile Justice landed on Netflix on February 25, 2022. With that, the show has gathered huge viewership among the audience while also impressing critics. The ending of the first season also left some room for a potential Juvenile Justice Season 2. 

Juvenile Justice Season 2

However, as of now, Netflix has not made any official announcement regarding the renewal of the series. But fans do not need to worry as it has been only a few days since the first season ended. And Netflix usually takes a couple of months to see how a show is performing before deciding whether to renew it or not.

Is Juvenile Justice Based On A True Story?

As far as we know, the series Juvenile Justice isn’t based on a real story. Although the series’ concern about the rise in adolescent criminality in South Korea may be accurate. Kim Min-Seok wrote the story and script for the series, which Hong Jong-Chan directed. Even when the offense is as serious as killing, South Korean law is overly indulgent toward minor criminals, as illustrated in the series. When a fifth-grader stabbed another youngster to death, the debate revived in the news press at the end of 2019.

Juvenile Justice Season 2

As per the reports, the incident happened in Guri, Gyeonggi, somewhere outside Seoul, when the girl took the victim to her grandmother’s residence. Middle school children allegedly stole goods worth $50000 from an apartment building in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi, in a separate incident in 2020. And on top of that, the legislation prevents the system from taking strict action against these acts.

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