The Guardians Of Justice Season 2

The Guardian Of Justice Season 2: Will There Be Another Season? Who Was Alive At The End?

No other genre has gained so much popularity in the past few years as superhero action. And with the growth of superheroes in pop culture, more and more parodies are also making their way. The first season of The Guardians Of Justice dropped on Netflix on March 1. At the end of the first season, the authoritarian Knight Hawk reigns supreme. Now fans are waiting for The Guardian Of Justice Season 2.

The Guardian Of Justice Season 2: What’s Next?

The first season of The Guardian Of Justice ended with intense divulgences. Atticus Payne formally became the leader of the superhero group after the Mind Master revealed the truth about Marvelous Man’s death. He started gathering a private army to take down the galactic titan Galacron. He consumed an entire planet named Caltron which was Marvelous Man’s homeworld. However, Knight Hawk silenced Speed when questions rose about his authority.

The Guardians of Justice Season 2

Now, when the series returns for The Guardians Of Justice Season 2, it will pick up the story after the events of the gritty first season finale. Planet Earth is under the terror of Galacron, and Fina might discover the answer in the second season. There is a chance that creators may introduce a new generation of superheroes to combat the tyrannical Knight Hawk and his troops.

Even though the heroes dissuaded the danger of the Anubis in season one, they may resurface in the potential second season. Furthermore, The Guardians Of Justice Season 2 will answer who was alive at the end of the first season. This includes Golden Goddess, Awesome Man, and others. Although Awesome Man seemed on Knight Hawk’s side, the two may have a conflict in the second season when he remembers the death of Speed.

Who Killed Marvelous Man?

Guardians of Justice

The marriage of Marvelous Man and Laura is then discovered to be unfaithful to one other. Marvelous Man was gay and was in a relationship with King Tsunami. He also developed affections for Mind Master after having a bromance with Knight Hawk. Even though Mind Master adored him, Marvelous Man did not want to end his marriage for the sake of the connection. 

As a result, he requested Mind Master to take the god-killer weapon from Lockwood, which he did. Mind Master said that all of his attempts to persuade the Marvelous Man not to commit suicide failed. His will was so powerful. But whether Marvelous Man killed himself or was inspired by Mind Master remains a mystery. Given the Mind Master was also in control of the medicine that killed ‘free will.’


The Guardians of Justice

The cast of the superhero series features Dez Skinn as Marvelous Man, Dallas Page in the role of Atticus Payne, Aka Knight Hawk. Meanwhile, Jane Seymour plays Golden Goddess and Derek Mears appears as Awesome Man. 

In addition, the series stars Chri TopherJudge as President Nukem, Denise Richards as Marvelous Man’s wife Laura Louis, and Andy Milonakis plays Phil Hart. So, when the series returns for The Guardians Of Justice Season 2, most of the prominent cast members except Marvelous Man will return in their roles.

The Guardians Of Justice Season 2 Release Date!

The Guardians of Justice: Season 2

On March 1, Netflix released the entire first season of The Guardians Of Justice. And as the viewers are aware, the first season ended on such a note that it made them ponder several questions. 

However, since it was only yesterday when the first season premiered, there has not been any official announcement yet about the renewal of the series for The Guardians Of Justice Season 2. And at this point, nothing can be said about the release date of the second season. But if we have to guess, we’d say The Guardian of Justice Season 2 may come around 2023.

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