May 20, 2024
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Inventing Anna Season 2: Is It Happening? Spinoff Currently On Horizon! Know What’s Next

Inventing Anna Season 2

Inventing Anna recently aired on February 11, 2022, and fans have already started clamoring for Inventing Anna Season 2. Well, no doubt, the series explored the scandalous story. However, the series appeared as limited series that has a beginning, middle, and end. Does that mean the show won’t return for the next run? Well, we don’t think so. But recently, the series creator Shonda Rhimes revealed her plans for the upcoming projects. Let’s see whether or not Inventing Anna Season 2 could be on the cards.


Created by Shonda Rhimes, Inventing Anna follows the story of Anna Delvey. It is inspired by Jessica Pressler’s 2018 article, which exposed Anna’s true mission. Anna appears as a con woman who calls herself a European heiress. She first wins New Yorkers’ hearts before stealing their money. However, her plan went in vain when the journalist exposed her and the actions she had been doing with other people.

Inventing Anna Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

Unfortunately, not yet! Even, we have bad news for the series’ avid fans. Well, many of you have been waiting to hear positive news regarding Inventing Anna Season 2. But it looks like it won’t happen. The show was ordered as a limited series based on the journalist’s 2018 article. That explored the entire Delvey’s life and testimony from her acquaintances to her friends. Although, fans have seen that many limited series got greenlight after their popularity skyrocketed.

But as of now, neither Shonda nor Netflix have come up with the decision to renew the show. Further, the finale pretty much appeared as the complete closure to Anna’s journey. Apart from this, Netflix has already paid $320,000 to real-life Sorokin just to portray her story on the small screen. Thus, it will be more likely to explore as a limited series, and there won’t be any chance of its sophomore season. As of now, it’s tricky to predict whether or not the show will appear on the screen. But there’s a thin chance that it could return for Inventing Anna Season 2 to explore Sorokin aka Delvey’s life after the scandal.

Who Could Return For Inventing Anna Season 2?

No doubt, the series’ infamous antagonist Anna Delvey played by Julia Garner, will return for the next run if it returns. But there’s a chance that her future will portray in Inventing Anna Season 2. Further, currently, the real-life Anna has been released from prison. So, viewers can also expect to see more of the prison story and how she dealt with the aftermath of her sins. Thus, a bunch of new faces in Inventing Anna Season 2 can appear if it returns.

Inventing Anna Season 2: What Will Happen?

The last season ended with the trial, where Anna appeared with her demands of keeping her wardrobe. However, her lawyer, Todd Spodek, told her to trust him and also tries to get her dad to the trial. But unfortunately, he didn’t make it. Speaking of the verdict reading, the jury found her guilty and charged for larceny towards hotels, stores, and a private jet company. For this, she spent four years in prison.

The finale came to closure when Vivian visited Anna. She asked him to keep visiting her. But after dealing with Anna and her behavior, Vivian decided not to visit her. So, the show ended up with a journalist report wrapping up her story. But if the show returns for Inventing Anna Season 2, then it will explore her life after she is released from prison. It’s said that her life is happening, so there will be plenty of room to cover in Inventing Anna Season 2.

Is There More Such Story?

Although the showrunner and Netflix hadn’t revealed anything about the second season, there’s still room for the spinoff. Recently, Deadline reported that Delvey/Sorokin sat with the production company behind Surviving R. Kelly to work on another documentary project. Well, they have been working on the docuseries for months, so it could soon return on the streaming platform. Further, the show will focus on Delvey tick.

So, fans will see how she tricked everyone. Further, the old friend Rachel DeLoache Williams has a lot of stories to share about her friendship with Anna. Therefore, we will be able to see her story so far after her release from prison. However, it remains unclear whether the story will appear on Netflix or not. As of now, it looks like the show will return on HBO or some other platform.

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