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The Parisian Agency Season 3: Release In 2022? What Will Happen Next?

The Real Estate genre has become very popular over the past few years, and it is now attracting more viewers than ever. Several platforms have created their own shows in the genre, and Netflix is no exception. The platform already had Selling Sunsets, and now the second season of The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties has been released recently. However, it’s never going to be enough for the fans, as they are already eager for The Parisian Agency Season 3. So let us see what’s next for the fans-

When Will The Parisian Agency Season 3 Release?

Netflix released the second season of The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties on January 13, 2022, and concluded on January 27, 2022. Now talking about The Parisian Agency Season 3, as of now, neither Netflix nor the showrunner has made any official announcement about its renewal for a third installment. However, we know that the second season has been performing immensely well on the platform and has generated an overwhelming response. Hence we are optimistic that Netflix will be interested in bringing the show back for The Parisian Agency Season 3. 

However, even if the reality series is greenlit for season 3, it will not arrive before 2023. But all these are mere speculations, and until there is an official announcement, nothing can be said with confirmation. Till then, stay tuned to TechRadar247 for all updates about your favorite shows. 

Who Will Feature In The Parisian Agency Season 3?

The reality series The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties follows the members of the Kretz family. Hence when the series returns for The Parisian Agency Season 3, Olivier and Sandrine Kretz, the duo who founded the Kretz & Partners real estate agency, will return in the third season in all likelihood. 

In addition, there is Sandrine’s very caring mother, Majo. The season may also feature the youngest son of Olivier and Sandrine, Raphael Kretz. He has finished school so that he might take up an active role in the family business. Also, we will see other Kertz siblings Martin, Valentin, and Louis in The Parisian Agency Season 3. Furthermore, the daughters-in-law of the family, Eve, Charina, and Adriana, will also be in the season along with new associate Jeanne.

Is The Series Based Scripted?

Netflix has always labeled The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties as a reality series. And from what we know, it seems that the tag of a reality series is justified. However, we don’t deny that the cast members deliver written dialogues in the scenes. Also, the makers give a structured format to follow. 

However, the family of Kretz and the business shown in the series is as real as it gets. But fans need to understand being real does not mean being unedited. So, of course, the show undergoes a lot of editing, and there might be some retakes and reshoots. However, the deals in the shows are real as far as we know. The fact that the series is unscripted makes it even more enjoyable for the fans of the real estate genre. 

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