May 25, 2024
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Last One Standing Season 2: Will It Ever Happen? Who Will Return? Find Out Here

Last One Standing Season 2

Just a couple of days ago, Last One Standing dropped its first season on the giant streaming platform, and fans are now curious to learn about Last One Standing Season 2. Will it happen? It’s quite early to guess whether Netflix is looking forward to continuing with the show or not. Although the show did well as the local audience enjoyed the show. And deeming its performance, it seems like it could return. Keep reading to know more.


Created by Daigo and Nobu from the comic duo Chidori the series portrays the lifestyle of people belonging to reality television. The show follows their day-to-day lifestyle in a single house. It portrays self-embarrassment, deprecation, and losing oneself during their performance. The show entirely focused on the comedians and idols coming up with the best possible script. It also brings a heartwarming experience to the character’s life.

Last One Standing Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

The first season of Last One Standing hit Netflix on March 8, 2022, with thirty minutes long eight episodes. While the show just premiered a couple of days ago, fans are already rooting to learn whether there is any chance for Last One Standing Season 2. Well, the show has been praised by the local audience as they found it quite interesting and packed with literal crackers. The fans were pleased to learn the secrets of their favorite stars. Meanwhile, the show continued to give them hints and leave them guessing what it could be.

While this game-esque theme looks great, Netflix hasn’t revealed the show’s future. Netflix generally takes a couple of months to renew the show. During this period, the streamer evaluates the show’s viewership and, based on this streamer’s green light, the show. Viewers can expect that Netflix could return with Last One Standing Season 2 sometime in the summer of 2022. Let’s wait till then.

Last One Standing Season 2: Who Could Return?

As of now, Netflix hasn’t revealed who could be in Last One Standing Season 2. But there’s hope that the first season characters might return to for some part of the show. Further, chances are that the eliminated ones might also make their return. Above all, it’s safe to say that Nobu and Daigo will definitely return for Last One Standing Season 2- as they are the series’ protagonists. Along with them, Karen Takizawa might return with Mukai Panther, Tsukaji Drunk Dragon, and Gekidan Hitori.

Apart from them, Eiko Kano will make her appearance in the second run. There’s also a possibility that the series would return with brand new characters who will continue to entertain the audience. Viewers can also expect some standup comedians to join the show for the second run. Further, the comedians who died in the first season might also come back to entertain the audience if they get a revival.

Last One Standing Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

In the first season, the celebrities act in a convoluted drama. There they play storytelling games that lead to opening up some truths resulting in elimination. So, it consists of two rounds of storytelling where the stars have to share some funny stories and jokes. If they don’t land up to the mark, then the participants get eliminated. Only five participants made it to the finale. These include Tsukaji Drunk Dragon, Daigo, Eiko Kano, Mukai Panther, and Gekidan Hitori.

However, after the police scandal came to light and the prime minister exited, people came to the streets. The situation then appears out of control. However, the stars tried their best to control the situation using kawaii inspiration. In the end, Mukai Panther won the series with his wit and comic timing. So if the show could return for Last One Standing Season 2, we can expect the same to happen. However, this time it won’t revolve around the police scandal, and the prime minister exists. So don’t fret.

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