June 17, 2024
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Heavenly Bites Mexico Season 2: When Is It Coming? Will Memo Villegas Return This Time?

Heavenly Bites Mexico Season 2

For food lovers across the world, Netflix brought a treat on January 9, 2022, with the release of Heavenly Bites Mexico. The first season of the reality series dropped on Netflix in January, and fans can’t get enough of seeing appetizing Mexican dishes. Therefore, now they are waiting for Heavenly Bites Mexico Season 2. But when is the show coming. Let us find that out below-


What Is Heavenly Bites About?

As the name Netflix’s Heavenly Bites Mexico is a reality show by the foodies, from the foodies and for the foodies. The series featuring various chefs from the country takes viewers on a mouthwatering ride among the most extravagant dishes in Mexican cuisines and the unique ways it is eaten throughout the country. The series is hosted by Memo Villegas and features a variety of Mexican delights from torta to Micheladas, salt to sweet, beef to shrimps, potato chips to Doritos, and so on.

Heavenly Bites: Mexico Season 2

Every episode features a new dish prepared by multi-talented chefs and bakers. They’ve also given their own stories about how they came up with the cuisine they’re serving. Overall, the show is as delectable as the meals and regional cuisines of North America. Culinary bloggers and food enthusiasts will enjoy the show. You will have the opportunity to learn about the many tastes and foods of the country and test their style.

When Will Heavenly Bites Mexico Season 2 Release?

Heavenly Bites MExico Season 2

The entire first season of Netflix’s food reality series premiered on Netflix on January 9, 2022. And there has been no official announcement from the streaming service about its renewal for Heavenly bites Mexico Season 2. However, given what a treat it was for food lovers around the world to know and learn about various mouthwatering dishes in Mexico, fans can expect the series to return soon with a second season. However, this is just our speculation, and nothing can be said until there is official confirmation. 

Who Will Feature In Heavenly Bites Mexico Season 2?

Actor Memo Villegas hosted the first season of the show. He is known for his appearances in shows like How to Survive Being Single, Run Coyote Run, and Backdoor. He did a fantastic job hosting the first season. Hence, fans expect him to return and continue his hosting duties when the series comes back for Heavenly Bites Mexico Season 2.

 Heavenly Bites: Mexico.  Season 2

In addition to Memo, viewers also saw several local food chefs and business owners specializing in diverse Mexican cooking edging on fusion and experimentation in the first season of Heavenly Bites Mexico. And when the series returns for a second season, we expect it to introduce us to more local chefs and their special delicacies.

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