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Hype House Season 2: When Will Netflix Return With Second Run? What Are The Chances?

A group of popular TikTok stars from Los Angeles started living under one roof and generated content for their massive fan following. Yes, we are talking about the premise of Netflix’s reality series, Hype House. The first season premiered on January 7. Now fans are waiting for the release of Hype House Season 2.

What Happened In The First Season?

In the show’s first season, we saw Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Nikita Dragun, Alex Warren, Vinnie Hacker, Larry, Jack Wright, and Kouvr Annon. Netflix revealed in December 2021 that The Hype House would include a total of 8 episodes, with the first one released on January 7, 2022. At the same time, a teaser was released.

Hype House' Season 2

The show follows the lives of TikTok content makers who reside at The Hype House. Interviews and live video snippets are also included in the broadcast. The members of The Hype House discuss how they climbed to fame swiftly at the start of the series. They also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of their professions, emphasizing that it is not as glamorous as it appears.

Talking about the reality series, cast member Alex Warren stated, “To the people saying they’re going to hate-watch the show, I 100% indulge you to. We put our lives these last few months into this show for you to judge, critique, and fall in love with our personalities. I’m not expecting everyone to love it, but I am expecting everyone to have fun watching.” 

When Is Hype House Season 2 Coming?

Hype  house Season 2

The entire first season of this Netflix reality series was released on the streaming platform on January 7, 2022. On the other hand, as far as Hype House Season 2 is concerned, there has not been any official announcement yet from the streaming service. But this might be that time when Netflix waits to see how a show has been doing before making a decision whether to renew it or not. As we know, the features many social media stars who have millions of followers, we have little doubt that the first season will get staggering viewership numbers. 

Therefore, the possibility of the series getting renewed for Hype House Season 2 is very high. Netflix usually keeps a gap of about a year between two seasons of a series. Hence if Hype House Season 2 is recommissioned, we expect it to release sometime around early 2023. However, we should not forget that these are just speculations, and we have to wait until an official announcement confirms anything.  

Is Hype House Real Or Scripted?

Netflix’s reality series Hype house features a number of social media celebrities. And at times, their interactions seem a little over the top. Hence many fans doubt whether the reality series is actually real or scripted. The answer is that Netflix has billed Hype House as an unscripted show. 

Hype House' Season 2

As per the reports, the dialogues between the cast member on Hype house are not pre-written but real. At the same time, their interaction with each other is also very much real as they are not given any script to act upon it. In an attempt to bring out the real underlying emotions, the showrunners have tried to keep reality series unscripted. On the other hand, the Hype House in which the show takes place also exists in real life in Moorpark.

Although some facets of Hype house might have been exaggerated, the emotional situation around the house is real. This includes the troubling past of Alex, Larry, and Nikita, Vinnie’s psychological issues. We do not renounce that many times; the series feels a little pre-planned. However, since the cast consists of various social media celebs, we should not be surprised by their shenanigans.

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