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Pivoting Season 2: Renewed? Viewership Hints At Potential Season 2! Know What’s Next

Pivoting recently dropped its first season just a couple of months ago. However, the powerful storyline has left fans craving for more. Will Pivoting Season 2 return? Well, there are several factors that need to be considered before jumping on the show’s renewal. But the series has won many hearts with its simplicity and narration. Created by Liz Astrof, Pivoting takes place in Long Island, New York. In the series, three women of millennium cope with the death of another member of their close-knit group.

But after realizing that life is quite short, these three women decided to have some changes in their current paths. However, they deal with some self-indulgent decisions during this process and are ill-advised. With passing time, they become stronger. So for these three women, the death of their fourth friend brings the life-changing call. So, they ultimately end up living the best lives that they hadn’t imagined before. Now, let’s see how they will deal with new challenges in their life in Pivoting Season 2.

Pivoting Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

The first season of Pivoting dropped on January 9, 2022. The 22 minutes long ten episodes explore three women’s struggle to change their lives entirely. While the first season has just dropped, it still managed to win several hearts. However, the series fans have to wait a while to know the future of the show. As of now, Fox has yet to officially announce the show’s future. Well, Fox is that network that never shunned the series after its first season. So, we can expect that the network might return with Pivoting Season 2.

Further, the series has gained massive popularity and gained critical claims from fans as well as the audience. It has a unique narration, weird but funny characters, humor, and an emotional storyline. That helped them to gain an enormous fanbase with its first season. Further, the actors’ performance also wins people’s hearts. So deeming this, viewers can expect that Fox will soon return with the second season.

Viewership Hints For Potential Pivoting Season 2

So far, fans discussed how beautifully the show was portrayed as well as the actors also played it well. Despite this, the series gained a mixed response from the fans as well as the critics. It gained 5.9 out of 10 positive responses on IMDb and 55% by Google viewers. On the contrary, the show gained 66% positive response on JustWatch, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it gained 100% response. Though it left fans in a daze whether there is any chance of the second season. Deeming the positive response, we expect the show to return with the second season.

Pivoting Season 2: Who Could Be In The Cast?

If the show returns with Pivoting Season 2, then it will definitely bring the main protagonist back on the show. These include Ginnifer Goodwin as Jodie, Maggie Q as Sarah, and Eliza Coupe as Amy. Besides them, Tommy Dewey would also return as Amy’s husband, Henry, and Marcello Reyes as Amy’s son, Luke. Robert Baker will return as Jodie’s husband Dan, and JT Neal as Matt, Jodie’s crush and fitness trainer.

No doubt, Pivoting Season 2 will indeed bring more character to the show. As of now, it remains uncertain who could be in the cast. But fans can expect that those characters who were pitched on the show and never made their appearance will likely return for the second season. Especially Coleen, as we don’t know how Coleen looks like. This also implies that the show could return for the second season sooner or later.

Pivoting Season 2: What Could Happen If It Returns?

The show started with four best friends named Amy, Coleen, Jodie, and Sarah. These childhood friends were inseparable. However, Coleen’s death changed the lifestyle of the people whom she left behind. The trio Amy, Jodie, and Sarah then question whether they are on the true path. After losing one of their best friends, they tried their best to make some changes in their life. So, they decided to live for themselves or not for others’ expectations.

Therefore, if the show returns for the next run, it will continue to see how these three friends are doing with their life and what could be their next move. Further, there’s a chance that the show could travel back in time where Coleen might show up. And we can see how these friends navigate in their life. So fans can expect some flashbacks of the past in the upcoming season.

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