High Seas Season 4

High Seas Season 4: Canceled? Will It Ever Return? Find Out Below

High Seas Season 3 wrapped up airing in 2020. And since then, fans have been eagerly waiting to learn where High Seas Season 4 will take them. While at first, it felt that the COVID-related pandemic delayed the season. Now it looks like the wait could be permanent. Netflix has something else for the fans. Just like other series High Seas was also severely affected by the pandemic. Let’s see what Netflix is cooking for us.

Created by Gema R. Neira and Ramon Campos, the series follows the lives of sisters Carolina and Eva Villanueva, who, after their father’s death, travel on the ocean liner. There they entangle with various mysteries and later meet a mysterious woman named Luisa. She asks for help from the sisters who send her on the board. Later someone threw her into the sea, and from there, the investigation takes place. But it appears things will solve quickly, but the confession appeared pretty doubtful, leaving the case open to delving.

High Seas Season 4: Is It Renewed Yet?

High Seas Season 4

Unfortunately, not! Well, Netflix had ordered the third and fourth seasons together. That was supposed to continue soon after the third season wrapped up. However, back in 2020, the news surfaced from Spain that the giant streaming platform decided to cancel High Seas Season 4. This makes the third season the final season of the mysterious drama. It remains unclear what made the streaming giant cancel the show just after its renewal.

Why Netflix Canceled The Show?

There are plenty of reasons which point to the show’s cancelation. First, it had received a mixed response. On IMDb, it gained 6.8/10, while on Rotten Tomatoes, it received a 4/5 response. Thus it is possible that perhaps it could be the reason behind the show’s cancelation. Second, the COVID-pandemic halted the production of the show. It was supposed to go under production in 2020. But the pandemic put it on hold.

Well, it was the time when Netflix was scrapping off several of its original series. As per Netflix’s former vice president Cindy Holland, the cancelation was based on the cost vs. viewership graph. Well, the show failed to promote the series. So, it caught fewer viewers’ attention that further made Netflix pull off the project instead of spending money on it.

High Seas Season 4

High Seas Season 4: What Would Happen If It Renews?

In the last season, the sisters were traveling through the boat. However, their journey wasn’t that simple at all. The sister appeared determined to take the Brazilian spy down with the help of a poisonous chemical. Well, he tried to kill several passengers. Both the party were trying to find that who killed the fan-favorite character. But the series ended, leaving open the door to explore who is the killer in the fourth season. Thus, viewers can expect the show to return with High Seas Season 4, then there’s a possibility that the sisters could be trying to figure out who the killer is.

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