May 30, 2024
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Queen Of Tears Episode 12: Hyun Woo And Eun Seong’s Intense FACE-OFF!

Queen Of Tears Episode 12

Since Hae In started living with Hyun Woo, she has softened a bit. Her feelings for Hyun Woo are now on display, and it seems like she will soon confess her love for Hyun Woo. But the Queen Of Tears Episode 12 preview clip suggests that before this could happen, Hyun Woo will face some tough challenges. His life will spiral when the new Queen Group’s CEO accuses Hyun Woo of the security breach. It will soon make things challenging for him as he is the only breadwinner in his family and even has to feed Hae In’s family. So, can Hyun Woo fix the situation? Keep reading to know the answers.


Since Eun Seong became the sole owner of the Queen Group, he has been giving a hard time to the Hong family and Hyun Woo. While he hates the Hong family, Eun Seong’s obsession with Hae In is on another level. This obsession has already reached great heights, and he plans to destroy Hyun Woo to win back Hae In. In Queen Of Tears Episode 12, Eun Seong calls a board of directors meeting to fire Hyun Woo for leaking their confidential VIP client’s information. Not only this, but Eun Seong also plans to put Hyun Woo behind bars for a security breach.

While the whole situation is against Hyun Woo, he isn’t alone. As everyone gathers to discuss the entire matter and proceed with the firing process, Hyun Woo’s team of lawyers enters the picture and starts reasoning with the auditors. However, the auditors’ don’t like this and even state that no external attorney should be allowed in internal audit matters. However, Hyun Woo’s lawyers will remind the auditors about some basic laws, which will later lead to the continuation of the meeting.

During this time, they reason with the auditors, which later frees Hyun Woo’s name from the charges. Once his name gets cleared from the security breach charges, Hyun Woo heads to meet Eun Seong. However, the latter seems a bit pissed off and quickly starts questioning about Hae In’s whereabouts. Hyun Woo’s silence

makes things more frustrating. Furious, Eun Seong then quickly throws a punch at Hyun Woo. Surprisingly, Hyun Woo dodges it swiftly and even hits Eun Seong harder, suggesting to back off.

Before leaving, Hyun Woo also convinces that he won’t leave Hae In’s side and vows to destroy Eun Seong. But Queen Of Tears Episode 12 suggests it will create complications in Hyun Woo’s life, as he has now become Eun Seong’s next target, who aims to kill Hyun Woo. Eun Seong will go to any extent to kill Hyun Woo. But it seems like he will end up hurting Hae In. Will Hae In die?

Hae In Confesses Her Love

Another preview still of Queen Of Tears Episode 12 suggests that Hae In has started feeling for Hyun Woo. Although she hasn’t yet confessed her feelings, she is now getting closer to Hyun Woo and wants to know him more. This will ultimately bring them together, as Hyun Woo also wishes the same. However, their sweet love story will soon hit rock bottom once Eun Seong’s plan gets into action.

Queen Of Tears Episode 12: Release Date

Now that Eun Seong knows that Hae In is with Hyun Woo, he will do every possible trick to kick Hyun Woo out of the picture. But can Eun Seong succeed? You will soon learn that in Queen Of Tears Episode 12, which will air on April 14, 2024, at 9.20 pm KST. The all-new episode airs on the South Korean network tvN every Saturday and Sunday, while the global viewers can catch it on Netflix. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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