May 30, 2024
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Queen Of Tears Episode 10: Hae-In Doubts Hyun-Woo’s Intention! What’s Next?

Queen Of Tears Episode 10

Queen Of Tears Episode 10 recently dropped its latest preview, which hints that things are getting miserable for Hae-In and her family. No doubt, the family was used to living a luxurious life. But things have changed now. They struggle to navigate a life in a small village, hiding from the media personnel. While the media tries to get to the Hong family, Hyun-Woo vows to help his former wife and her family deal with the challenges. But why is he trying to help her? Is Hyun-Woo hiding something? Let’s see!


Queen Of Tears Episode 10: The Hong Family Struggles To Live A Normal Life!

After Yoon Eun-Seong snatched the chaebol status from the Chaebol Queens Group, the Hong family’s situation became problematic. It became tough for them to deal with the conglomerate’s failure. So, instead of dealing with the shame, the family ran to Yongduri to live with Hyun Woo’s family. While the Hong family adjusts to the new normal, they struggle to navigate their new lifestyle in the village. Queen Of Tears Episode 10’s latest trailer also hints at the same direction.

Though it begins with a fun family moment, everything changes when the Hae-In family starts fussing about water quality and food. They had been living luxurious lives, but everything changed when Yoon Eun-Seong used his tactics to become the largest shareholder of Queens Group, kicking the Hong family out of their own empire. And now, he and his mother, Mo Seul-Hee, enjoy newfound success when the Hong family tries to deal with the shame and strained relationships.

The trailer shows Hae-In’s family having dinner, where Hyun-Woo’s father offers her brother Hong Soo-Cheol food. But instead of accepting the older man’s offer, Soo-Cheol refuses to eat, saying he has lost his appetite. Things then take a dramatic turn when Soo-Cheol asks for water but refuses to drink regular water. He even urges Hyun-Woo to get a bottle of mineral water despite knowing the media is waiting for them to leave their place.

It quickly embarrasses Hae-In’s father, Hong Beom Jun, who apologizes to Hyun-Woo’s family for his son’s immature behavior. While things seem to settle in Queen Of Tears Episode 10, Beom Jun does the same thing in the preview clip. He also asks for high-quality water, flustering everyone. In order to ease things up, Hae-In steps in and hits her brother Soo-Cheol

, asking him to behave and eat whatever they have.

Soo-Cheol Deals With Heartbreak

While the Queen Of Tears Episode 10 trailer shows Soo-Cheol isn’t ready to adjust to this new lifestyle, he is still reeling from his heartbreak. The family hasn’t only lost their empire but also lost some great relationships, one of them being Soo-Cheol. His wife, Cheon Da-Hye, leaves him and his family behind to settle abroad. She even takes their son with her, making things more stressful for Soo-Cheol. While he deals with this problem, his sister, Hae-In, also faces the same situation.

She and Hyun-Woo just got separated. But the latter is ready to make things work for her, and he even provides shelter to Hae-In and her family. This makes her wonder about Hyun-Woo’s intention. While she doubts her husband’s true intention, Hyun-Woo vows to bring happiness to the Hong family’s life. He even decides to take down Yoon Eun-Seong using the same tactics he used on Hae-In’s family. But will it work?

Queen Of Tears Episode 10: Release Date

As the Hong family deals with the aftermath of the conglomerate’s failure, Hyun-Woo stresses to win back Hae-In. He wants to stay beside her, but her behavior is slightly different from the past, making him doubt whether she wants Hyun-Woo in her life. To know her decision, tune in to Queen Of Tears Episode 10 on April 7, 2024, at 9:20 pm KST. South Korean viewers can enjoy the show on tvN, while the global audience can watch it on Netflix.

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